Are Borders gift cards still valid?

Are Borders gift cards still valid?

Earlier this week, a federal judge in Manhattan ruled that holders of Borders gift cards — some $210 million worth — are out of luck. The bookseller closed its last store in late 2011, and now its outstanding gift cards are finally, officially worthless.

Did Barnes and Noble buy Borders?

Rival bookseller Barnes & Noble acquired Borders’ trademarks and customer list. By the end of December 2009, Borders employed an estimated 1,150 across its UK stores, which went into bankruptcy administration before the end of 2009.

Is Borders still a store?

It appears to be all over for the Borders bookselling chain. The company will be liquidated — meaning sold off in pieces — and almost 11,000 employees will lose their jobs. The chain’s 400 remaining stores will close their doors by the end of September.

Can I still use a Borders gift card at Barnes and Noble?

Only Barnes & Noble Gift Cards and eGift Cards can be redeemed at Barnes & Noble and BN.com. We cannot honor Borders gift cards, and we regret any misunderstanding. Barnes & Noble did not take over Borders’ stores or business. However, Borders gift cards were not part of that transaction.

Why are Borders going out of business?

Yesterday, Borders (BGPIQ) finally gave up. After not finding a buyer, the financially-strapped bookstore chain decided to close. The fire sale could happen as soon as Friday. The economic climate and the digital book push both hurt a company that was traditionally an also-ran next to Barnes & Noble (BKS).

Why Barnes and Noble is failing?

But Barnes & Noble has been in steady decline for years, largely because of the rise of Amazon. Sales have dropped each of the past five years as the company closes stores. Barnes & Noble’s attempts to transform for the digital era by selling Nook tablets fell flat, and its stock price has suffered.

Where is the 4 digit PIN on a Michaels gift card?

“Access PIN” means the 4-digit Access PIN printed on the back of the Gift Card; “Card Number” means the 22-digit number that appears on the back of your Gift Card; “Michael’s / Fairleys Group” means Aeroten Pty Ltd.

Is Waldenbooks still in business?

Waldenbooks, operated by the Walden Book Company, Inc., was an American shopping mall-based bookstore chain and a subsidiary of Borders Group….Waldenbooks.

Trade name Waldenbooks
Defunct July 18, 2011
Fate Liquidation as a result of bankruptcy of the Borders Group
Headquarters Ann Arbor, Michigan
Number of locations 1

What went wrong with Borders bookstore?

Lack of diversification: Finally, Borders failed because it had no other revenue other than physical books and periodicals. Consider the rivals: Barnes & Noble: Sold one million Nook books on Christmas Day 2010. Amazon: Once a traditional book retailer, now selling more Kindle books than physical books.

What was the value of the Borders gift cards?

When Borders closed its stores, consumers were left with approximately 17.7 million unused gift cards worth $210.5 million, according to the Los Angeles Times. The company’s liquidation plan specified that gift card holders had until June 1, 2011, to file a claim in the bankruptcy, but no claims were filed.

Can you use a Barnes and noble gift card at borders?

According to the article, the plaintiffs in the case seem to be disappointed that they couldn’t use their Borders gift cards to buy things at Barnes and Noble. The three plaintiffs sought legal representation at the end of 2011, after they discovered Barnes and Noble would not honor Borders gift cards.

Is there a way to claim a Borders gift card late?

Some cardholders filed a lawsuit arguing that they should be able to submit late claims, but it was rejected by the bankruptcy court, as Consumerist reports. The case continued to the level of the U.S. Supreme Court, which declined to hear it in October 2015, which ended its appeal.