Are Flowtech mufflers good?

Are Flowtech mufflers good?

These mufflers are very good quality and sound very good with the roller cam in my truck. Similar Products Used: Flowmaster 40-really loud but a lot of interior resonance. Flowtech Raptor-good performance but to quiet for me.

Is magnaflow quieter than flowmaster?

Question: Is Magnaflow quieter than Flowmaster? Answer: Yes, Magnaflow exhausts are more subtle than their counterparts. As already described, Magnaflow has lower sound levels than Flowmaster. While Magnaflow products have usually had subtle sounds, it may also happen that some Flowmaster products are better sounding.

What are turbo mufflers?

Turbo mufflers are designed using a 3-tube reverse flow design with packing material for a mild exhaust tone and good exhaust flow. Chambered mufflers use an internal chamber that bounces sound waves into each other to eliminate unwanted tones. This produces excellent exhaust flow and a mid-level exhaust note.

Which way does a Magnaflow muffler go on?

The MagnaFlow Stainless Steel, Straight-Through Universal Muffler # MF12579 can have exhaust flow in either direction through it. There is no one way the exhaust has to flow through it. For a similar muffler that has a 2 in/1 out or vice versa you would want the # MF12590.

Are Raptor mufflers reversible?

This Flowtech Raptor Turbo Muffler (Part # 50052FLT) is a mild sound turbo type muffler….Product Features:

Body Height: 4.5 in
Outlet Quantity: 1
Outlet Type: Center
Overall Length: 13 in
Reversible: Yes

How loud is MagnaFlow exhaust?

keep in mind these magnaflows start out really quiet and as the packing material gets compacted, they get a little louder. so don’t think it will be too quiet if a little noise is what you’re going for. it sounds deep and low and not annoying.

Which exhaust system sounds the best?

This list of top 10 exhaust systems is a great place to start.

  1. Flowmaster Exhaust Systems.
  2. Magnaflow Exhaust Systems.
  3. Borla Exhaust Systems.
  4. Corsa Performance Exhaust.
  5. Gibson Exhaust Systems.
  6. MBRP Exhaust Systems.
  7. Banks Power Exhaust System.
  8. aFe Power Exhaust Systems.

Are Turbo mufflers quiet?

A turbo is probably the quietest performance muffler. On a truck with cats it would only be a tad louder than stock.

Are Thrush turbo mufflers quiet?

To the real review: Thrush turbo muffler, the best of both worlds… It is extremely quiet at idle, I would say it would be 25% – 50% louder than stock, with a flowmaster being 100% louder than stock, and a Straight through “m80 style” muffler being 150-175% louder than stock.

Does direction of muffler matter?

some mufflers are directional, if they are installed backwards they will either be quieter or loader then there sposto be, but if its a directional muffler there should be an arrow for the flow.

Are Magnaflow mufflers straight through?

Magnaflow Performance mufflers feature a free flowing, straight through perforated steel core, stainless mesh wrap, and acoustical fiber fill to deliver a smooth deep tone. Magnaflow Performance mufflers are backed by a full lifetime warranty, so you can install, and forget about it.

What is the loudest legal exhaust?

Flowmaster Outlaw. Flowmaster Outlaw is the loudest muffler in the list.

  • Flowmaster Super 10. Flowmaster Super 10 is the second loudest muffler.
  • Flowmaster Super 44. Flowmaster Super 44 is the third loudest muffler.
  • Flowmaster Super 40.
  • Hooker Aero Chamber Muffler.
  • Flowmaster 50 Series Big Block Muffler.