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Are radiation therapists in demand?

Are radiation therapists in demand?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, radiation therapy employment is expected to grow 9% by 2028, faster than average employment growth. This means that radiation therapists are in high demand across the United States.

How much do new radiation therapists make?

The national average annual wage of an Radiation therapist is $91,620, according to the BLS, just under $40,000 more than the average wage for all occupations, $51,960. The principal industry that employs radiation therapists is general medical and surgical hospitals, employing 10,600 of them.

Do radiation therapist make 6 figures?

National Averages The lowest-earning 25 percent of radiation therapists reported incomes of up to $62,540 per year. The median income was $76,630 per year, while the highest-earning 25 percent reported salaries of $94,080 and above.

What state pays the most for radiation therapist?

The states and districts that pay Radiation Therapists the highest mean salary are California ($119,800), New York ($115,150), New Jersey ($106,630), Oregon ($105,810), and Washington ($101,630).

Is radiation therapy a stressful job?

Often working as part of an oncology team, radiation therapists administer treatments to patients with cancer and other diseases. Although they may spend long hours on their feet and work with seriously ill patients, this is still a relatively low-stress job.

Is it hard to become a radiation therapist?

Is It Hard to Be a Radiation Therapist? Radiation therapy can be challenging, just like any other medical career. Yet, most of the challenges can be resolved through education and experience.

How much do radiation therapists make an hour?

Radiation Therapists

Quick Facts: Radiation Therapists
2020 Median Pay $86,850 per year $41.76 per hour
Typical Entry-Level Education Associate’s degree
Work Experience in a Related Occupation None
On-the-job Training None

Do radiation therapists make more than nurses?

Radiation therapists earn about the same as related careers in California. On average, they make less than health services managers but more than acute care nurse practitioners.

Is it hard to get a job in radiation therapy?

Is radiation therapy a dying field 2020?

According to official projections, the radiation therapy field will be in a state of growth until 2026. Now is the best time to get started on a radiation therapy degree and a professional career. Even with the high growth rate, there will be competition for many of these highly favorable positions.

Is becoming a radiation therapist worth it?

Is It Worth It? As a radiation therapist, you will work closely with patients living with cancer, aiding them in becoming well again through radiation therapy. The career is challenging yet rewarding for those looking to make a positive impact on their patients.

Who makes more a nurse or radiation therapist?