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Are there any original Star Wars movie posters?

Are there any original Star Wars movie posters?

The artwork on many of them is instantly recognizable and highly sought after by movie poster aficionados. There are thousands of different original movie posters from all the Star Wars films that have been made since 1977. Many foreign ones are quite rare.

Are there any defects in a Star Wars poster?

A printer’s proof is far more rare than a regular one sheet poster, and there is no fear of purchasing a reproduction. Two very minor defects that will not be seen when framed: Small 1/2″ tear bottom right border, 4.5″ crease top right corner.

Where did the Star Wars fan club posters come from?

Straight from a former employee of Gore Graphics. Gore was the company that originally printed these for the studio and NSS. The regular 1992 Fan Club one sheet was a limited edition printed in 1992 for The Star Wars Fan Club and had a serial number printed on the bottom border. This is a proof and has no serial number.

Are there any printing proofs of Star Wars?

There are zillions of bootlegs/restrikes of the regular non proof NO PG RATING version. This is an extremely rare Printer’s Proof, there are probably well under 100 of these in existence. Printer’s proofs normally are handled by many people and are often thrown away.

How big are the Star Wars villains posters?

. . Star Wars Posters for Walls Villains – Unframed Set of 6 Characters, 8×10 Inch, Darth Maul Darth Siddious Storm Trooper General Grievous Jabba the Hutt Villain Pictures, Watercolor Wall Art for Boys, Teens Bedroom Living Bathroom Decor . . .

Where can I hang a Star Wars cover poster?

Mandalorians – Star Wars Cover Poster: Wall Furniture Decoration – Modern HD Canvas Printing – Easy Hanging. Study, Living Room, Boys’ Room (24x36inch,No Frame)