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Can I use semi-transparent stain on concrete?

Can I use semi-transparent stain on concrete?

Great for use on properly prepared interior and exterior concrete or masonry floors such as patios, walkways, pool decks, living spaces and basements. General: Read the Lead Warning paragraph. Clean and etch new or bare concrete with Fast Prep™ Cleaner, Degreaser & Etcher. Follow all Fast Prep label instructions.

What is reactive concrete stain?

A reactive concrete stain contains metallic salts, and these react with the lime content in concrete. As it reacts with existing minerals in the concrete, it provides you with the look and feel of natural stone. It forms a permanent bond with the concrete and does not peel or chip.

How do you remove semi transparent stain from concrete?

Wash the concrete with a mixture of 1 cup trisodium phosphate (TSP) per gallon of water. Cover the stain with fresh kitty litter for three days and sweep it away. Alternatively, cover the stain with dry concrete mix and clean it up with a wet mop.

Can I apply semi transparent stain with a roller?

You will often be able to apply stain more evenly when using a roller. In order to use this method, pour some stain into a roller tray and gather onto the roller only enough stain to complete a couple of strokes at most. Edges can be finished up with a brush.

Is semi-transparent or solid stain better?

Semi-Solid – Semi-solid deck stains will almost completely hide the wood grain and natural color. These stains provide more UV protection than a semi-transparent and are a better representation of the stain’s actual color. Solid color stains will “film” on top of the wood, masking the grain, while looking like paint.

Can I roll on concrete stain?

Use a roller with extension pole or a sprayer to apply concrete stain over the rest of the surface evenly. Apply first coat evenly, working in one direction. Allow to dry at least 2 hours before applying the second coat. Apply the second coat in the opposite direction to the first coat.

Is concrete stain and brick stain the same?

Masonry stain works the same way wood stain does; by penetrating the surface of the brick, concrete, or stucco, and depositing pigment. Stain can be used to create a unique look; brick stain can be used to match new masonry to old- for example, on a new addition.