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Can Mbuna live with plants?

Can Mbuna live with plants?

The plants that have done well are anubias, java fern, hornwort, dwarf sag (too well at the moment), crypts, ludwigia repens, limnophila aromatica. You want to find plants that (a) do well in hard water and (b) are not too tasty to the fish.

Do cichlids like plants?

However, you may not be aware that cichlids are actually inclined to eat many plants you might normally keep in an aquarium. Many species of cichlids are herbivores, and while their diet normally consists of algae in the wild, they can find the aquarium plants you’ve invested in quite tasty, too.

How many mbuna cichlids can I put in a 30 gallon tank?

Keep 8 to 12 Mbunas per 30 U.S. gallons of water. Always respect your fish’s minimum tanks requirements. The more fish you add to your tank, the more harmonious it will be.

Can Peacock cichlids live in planted tank?

fit the African cichlid archetype quite well. Unfortunately, the fish require water whose chemistry kills most aquarium plants. Peacock cichlids sport vigorous appetites for live plants, further limiting plant options. However, a few aquarium plants can thrive with these cichlids.

Why do cichlids eat sand?

Since cichlids tend to live in sandy lakes, sand substrate tends to make them more comfortable. In addition, cichlids do the majority of their feeding by scavenging in the sand, and small grains they ingest during the process serve as a dietary aid.

Do cichlids like moss balls?

But they sell under the name “moss balls.” Many cichlids like to graze on algae and will roll these green spheres around the aquarium while nibbling at them. Even under moderate lighting with no supplemental carbon dioxide, moss balls will grow fast enough to keep up with cichlids’ nibbling.

Can you keep live plants with cichlids?

African cichlids are known to destroy live aquarium plants. But there are some live plants that you can keep in your African cichlids tank. Some examples include Java moss, Anacharis, Anubias, Hornwort, Green Cabomba, etc. African cichlids don’t like the taste of these plants.

Will cichlids eat moss balls?

Can I keep plants with cichlids?

Do cichlids eat jungle Val?

These guys are omnivorous; in the wild they eat mostly algae (and any critters living in the algae) from the rocks of Lake Malawi. Most of the living plants Ive tried to keep with them were also eaten, but Ive found one that they leave alone: jungle val (Vallisneria spiralis).

Can you plant plants in an African cichlid tank?

Ideally, the plants can be growing and cycling your aquarium, while the fish are in quarantine. Once you add the fish, observe them for aggression and see if you need to add more plants to their environment. Now sit back and enjoy your planted aquarium, a rarity in the African cichlid hobby!

What kind of plants can I put in my mbuna tank?

Plants – The best plants for Mbuna cichlid tanks are plants that can be attached to rock or driftwood, preventing them from being uprooted by the fish. Java fern, Anubias, and mosses are good options. Other plants, like Vallisneria and Cabomba, may be able to withstand the uprooting attempts by the fish.

What kind of water does a Mbuna cichlid live in?

Water Temperature & pH – The ideal temperature range for Mbuna cichlids is 77-84˚F, but they can comfortably live in water as cool as 73˚F. These fish prefer slightly alkaline water with a pH of 7.5-8.5. Alkaline water can be accomplished via the addition of crushed coral, baking soda, or commercial products.

What kind of water do African cichlids need?

Use a glass top to cover the aquarium to allow maximum light to reach the plants and to keep water from evaporating as quickly. African cichlids require harder water and high pH than your typical freshwater fish, so if you have soft, acidic water, choose a substrate that will help buffer the water.