Can you shave your neck during No Shave November?

Can you shave your neck during No Shave November?

Many men think No-Shave November yields an excuse to let their beards go wild, but they are wrong. You may also want to shave (yes, I know it’s cheating) your neck if your beard extends below your Adam’s apple to keep it looking neat. Short beard: The short beard look is similar to the five o’clock shadow, but bigger.

What are the rules for No Shave November?

The rules of No-Shave November are simple: put down your razor for 30 days and donate your monthly hair-maintenance expenses to the cause. Strict dress-code at work? Don’t worry about it! We encourage participation of any kind; grooming and trimming are perfectly acceptable.

Do you have to shave for no shave November?

Remember, people who participate in No-Shave November don’t shave anything, letting any and all facial hair (and sometimes body hair) grow out. However, you’re welcome to trim and groom if you have a strict dress code at work, the rules say.

Can you lineup your beard during No Shave November?

If you’ve been toying with the idea of growing a mustache, Movember is the perfect time to give it a try. If you’re still a little gun shy, you can go the No-Shave November route, which is exactly what it sounds like: growing a beard instead of just a ‘stache.

What color is no shave November?

Colors for Your No Shave November Wristbands The most common color for your No Shave November bracelets is brown. With our popular debossed ink-filled style, you can create your wristband in one color and use secondary color for the ink inside the text.

What are the rules for Movember?

What are the Movember rules?

  • Start with a clean-shaven face.
  • For the entire month of Movember, you must grow and groom a moustache.
  • Beards, goatees and fake moustaches don’t count.
  • Use the power of the moustache to create conversation and raise funds for men’s health.

Is no shave November a good charity?

No Shave November has helped raise more than $1.8 million in the fight against cancer since 2009. Each year, participants forgo shaving and grooming for 30 days in order to evoke conversation and raise cancer awareness. Unused monthly hair-maintenance expenses are donated to the cause.

Is it normal not to shave pubic hair?

Removing pubic hair is a personal preference. Some girls trim their pubic hair, or go to a salon to have a “bikini wax”; others prefer to shave just about every day, but most just leave it alone. It’s not necessary to remove the hair in this area to keep your body clean.

When can I shave my Movember moustache?

Let Your Mo’ Grow for a Whole Month If you’re playing by the Movember rulebook, you’re then not allowed to shave off your moustache for the whole of November, although a little bit of trimming and styling is okay – more on this later.

Can you trim your mustache during Movember?

Men who are planning to join in with Movember should register at and start with a cleanly shaven face on Tuesday November 1. After that, it is as simply as growing and grooming a moustache for the rest of the month – no beards, goatees or fakes are allowed.

Why do cops grow beards in November?

Local residents might have noticed their police officers sporting new beards and mustaches for No-Shave November, an annual movement that raises money for charity and awareness for men’s health. The month raises awareness for common health problems faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental illness.

Where can I donate for no shave November?

If you wish to donate your Movember/No-shave money towards cancer research, visit the Tata Memorial Centre website here, or the India Cancer Society website here. Health articles in Firstpost are written by, India’s first and biggest resource for verified medical information.

Do you have to shave your face in November?

Yes. You have to start with a clean face on November 1 to participate in Movember. The rules of No-Shave November are easy to remember: Don’t shave during the month and, instead, donate your typical monthly hair expenses to the cause.

What’s the purpose of the No Shave November?

No-Shave November is a month-long journey during which participants forgo shaving and grooming in order to evoke conversation and raise cancer awareness. Learn more about how you can get involved and start getting hairy!

How much money has no shave November raised?

No-Shave November raised millions The family run, web-based No-Shave November organization has grown exponentially since 2009. In fact, the organization has raised more than $2 million dollars to date. November 2009 The Hill family of Chicago decided to use No-Shave November — already a longtime tradition — as a way to raise money for charity.

Is the Movember Foundation the same as No Shave November?

The Movember Foundation and No-Shave November are two separate entities, but they are both supporting and call for the same thing – stop shaving (or grow a mustache) during the month of November to spread awareness and donate to these types of charities.