Can you still play Maniac Mansion?

Can you still play Maniac Mansion?

An even easier way to play Maniac Mansion is to hop onto PlayStation Network or a computer or iOS app store. Day of the Tentacle Remastered, last year’s HD overhaul of Maniac Mansion’s sequel, launched last year on Windows, Linux, and OS X (via GOG and Steam), on iOS, and both PlayStation 4 and Vita.

Do I have to play Maniac Mansion?

Nope. The plot is perfectly meaningful without having played Maniac Mansion. There are some jokes (in-jokes?) that refer to Maniac Mansion, but other than that it’s an independent story on its own.

Does Maniac Mansion have a time limit?

The game will continue as long as you still have at least one kid left. If you kill all three, the game will be over. Getting a single kid killed, while not an immediate game over, can sometimes ruin your chances to win the game (see below), so if that happens you may want to reload a previously saved game.

When did Maniac Mansion come out?

October 5, 1987
Maniac Mansion/Initial release dates

How many endings does Maniac Mansion have?

five possible
Maniac Mansion has five possible endings, based on which characters are chosen, which survive, and what the characters accomplish.

How do you beat the Maniac Mansion?

  1. Introduction. There are several ways to win the game.
  2. Get a Kid Thrown Into the Dungeon. Have Dave GO TO the left of the screen in order to reach the front of the mansion.
  3. Get the Silver Key.
  4. Get the Radio Tube.
  5. Get rid of the Green Tentacle.
  6. Drain the Pool.
  7. Get the Glowing Key.
  8. Call the Meteor Police.

Can you beat Maniac Mansion without Bernard?

If you want to win the game with anyone other than Bernard, you must have a character retrieve the package before Weird Ed answers the door. It is common practice to leave one kid by the mailbox, waiting for the doorbell to ring (so you can easily switch to that kid and pickup the package).

Who owns Maniac Mansion?

Maniac Mansion
Publisher(s) show Lucasfilm Games
Designer(s) Ron Gilbert Gary Winnick
Programmer(s) Ron Gilbert David Fox Carl Mey
Artist(s) Gary Winnick

How do I get out of jail Maniac Mansion?

If you have at least two characters in the dungeon, there is another way to escape the dungeon. Position one of the characters below the left window and use “What Is” to locate a loose brick. When you push the loose brick, the dungeon’s door (on the right) opens for a few seconds, then closes again.