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Can you use stolen items in eso?

Can you use stolen items in eso?

Best Answers. Most stolen items can only be sold to a fence for gold, altho some people are collectors and might decide to keep a few more interesting items. Stolen armor can be worn or deconstructed (for mats or crafting inspiration) or sold to a fence – or you can use it to get the “indecent exposure” achievement.

How do you make items not stolen in eso?

So what you just do is, find a secluded chest with no witnesses around, then put all the stolen items you want ‘laundered’ into the chest. After that, just tell your follower to empty the chest, and then tell them to trade with you. All the items marked ‘stolen’ that you put in will no longer be marked as such.

Can you put stolen items in your house eso?

You can’t, I actually don’t know why blue and purple stolen goods have that warning. Perhaps a misguided notion that players might want to launder and keep them? Regardless, stolen goods have no purpose other than to be sold. It’s because they can be used to fill Thieves Guild quests.

Can you store stolen goods eso?

Currently it’s impossible to put stolen items in storage chests.

Can you wear stolen items oblivion?

No, they won’t. But watch what you take; if you take highly valuable items or many moderately valuable items then you may find yourself being attacked by hired mercenaries with a contract to kill you.

What can I do with stolen items eso?

Treasures are most commonly found by stealing: searching in owned containers, pickpocketing, or looting innocent citizens you have killed. These are marked as stolen, and can be sold or laundered at fences. Once laundered, the treasure can be sold to any other vendor.

How many stolen items can you sell eso?

I quickly found out that you can only sell 50 stolen items, and launder 50 stolen items.

Can I put treasure in my house eso?

A “Furnishing” can be used in the house once laundered, while a “Treasure” is just there to be stolen and fenced.

Where can you store stolen items eso?

Gold Coast – Anvil Outlaws Refuge. Grahtwood – Elden Root Outlaws Refuge. Greenshade – Marbruk Outlaws Refuge. Hew’s Bane – Thieves Den.

Who can pay off my bounty oblivion?

If the Hero is a member of the Thieves Guild, they can pay half of the bounty to a Thieves Guild Doyen and clear the fine. This is the only way for the Hero to keep any stolen items without having to resist arrest or ignore the guards.

What happens when you go to jail oblivion?

A jail sentence is equal to one day for every 100 gold in your bounty, and serving your sentence will clear the bounty entirely. When you are sent to jail, all of your items are removed and held in the prison’s Evidence Chest, except for one lockpick. The Skeleton Key will always be removed.

Where do you get the masks in majora’s mask?

The Moon’s Mask is an unobtainable mask in Majora’s Mask. It is one half of the Couple’s Mask that can only be obtained through the Anju and Kafei Quest. The Moon’s Mask was created by Anju for the wedding of the two lovers, and its counterpart is the Sun’s Mask which is stolen by Sakon.

How do you defeat majora in Zelda?

When the battle starts, Majora’s Mask comes to life and grows hairlike tentacles. To defeat it, Link must first stun it with any projectile by hitting it in the back. This will make it collapse to the ground, allowing Link to strike it with his Sword. Alternatively, Link can transform into Zora Link and use his Boomerang fins.

Where do you find Twinmold’s remains in majora’s mask?

Twinmold’s Remains is an unwearable boss mask in Majora’s Mask. The remains are the main reward for defeating the boss of Stone Tower Temple, Twinmold. The Moon’s Mask is an unobtainable mask in Majora’s Mask. It is one half of the Couple’s Mask that can only be obtained through the Anju and Kafei Quest.

Where do you get mystery milk in majora’s Mask 3D?

In Majora’s Mask 3D, the renamed Troupe Leader’s Mask is also used to obtain a bottle of Mystery Milk from the Gorman Brothers to salve their brother’s stomach, after which Link can keep the empty bottle . To get it, enter the Latte Milk Bar using Romani’s Mask on the First or Second Night.