Did Ford make a camper special?

Did Ford make a camper special?

In 1974, Ford introduced its extended-cab “Super-Cab,” which necessitated eventually changing the Super Camper Special moniker to just “Camper Special” in 1976 to avoid confusion. Generally, all 1973–75 and then 1976–79 Camper Specials are identical, save for grilles and minor trim.

What is a camper Special Ford?

Available on Ford F-100 and F-250 models and instantly recognizable with dual extended mirrors, the Camper Special option allowed buyers to equip their trucks with the sort of equipment a camper-topped truck might need: a heavy-duty alternator, extra capacity engine cooling, additional factory gauges and a camper …

How long is the bed on a Ford Super camper Special?

Ford F-350 Super Camper Special The decision to preserve an eight-foot bed length paired with a 140 inch wheelbase created an unusual visual for anyone encountering an unladen version of this truck, but when equipped with the slide-in camper it was meant to lug around, it all made sense.

What is the most expensive Ford f350?

The 2020 Ford F-350 Super Duty Limited The next up on the list of most expensive Ford pickups is a level beyond the F-250 Super Duty. The F-350 Super Duty in all its Limited trim glory has a starting price of $84,775.

What was a Ford highboy?

The term “Highboy” has been used to refer to the 1967-1977.5 Ford F-250 4X4, although ‘Highboy’ wasn’t actually a Ford term. The early 4X4 pickups were conversions of a 2WD chassis. The end result was a higher cargo loading height verses that of the 2WD F-250, and a higher center of gravity.

What makes a camper special truck?

What makes it a Camper Special? Standard equipment was of course, the Camper Special nameplate, special wiring harness for a slide in camper, heavy-duty front/rear springs and shocks, and heavy-duty front stabilizer bar.

What does XLT on a Ford mean?

The XLT was Ford speak for “extra luxurious truck”. As a side-bar, the Explorer name also originated as an appearance package on the F-series as well.

How much does a 1974 F100 weigh?

Model Wheelbase GVW
F100 117 in / 133 in 4,600 – 5,500 lbs
F100/F250 Supercab 139 in
F250 133 in 6,200 – 8,100 lbs
F250/F350 Crew Cab 155 in

Did Ford make a 360 engine?

360 Truck. The 361/360, of 360.8 cu in (5.9 L) actual displacement, was introduced in 1968 and phased out at the end of the 1976-year run; it was used in the Ford F Series trucks and pickups.

What is Ford’s most expensive pickup?

The 2021 Ford F-150 is set to become the most expensive F-150 we’ve ever seen. Although pricing will start at just over $30k at the entry-level, dealer order guides reveal that the most expensive trucks can exceed $80,000.

Is there a 1973 Ford F-350 Super Camper Special?

But it turned out to be a fairly rare bird, produced in miniscule numbers. GM dropped it after 1972. That must have been the cue for Ford to get in the game, which they did with their 1973 pickups. And they even had their own camper they wanted to sell you along with it.

How big is a Ford Super camper truck?

Ford’s production figures for the 140-inch wheelbase F350 trucks, regardless of whether they are Camper or Trailer Specials: Side views of the Super Camper Specials offer the best way to tell whether theyit is are a typical F350 or the 140-inch wheelbase version.

When did Ford stop making the Super Camper?

Ford made the F-350 Super Camper Special through 1979. The Great Pickup Camper Craze was already winding down by then, if not mostly over, having been usurped by the Great Wallowing Winnebago Wave ( CC here ).

Is the F-350 Super Camper Special an extended wheelbase car?

P.S.: Non “Super” Camper Special versions of the F-100/150 and F-250 were also available (and very popular), but did not use an extended wheelbase. Next-door neighbor was also enamored with the 300-6. I got to drive his a couple times…amazing pull virtually from idle, and all in all a very durable powerplant