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Did they remake The Blob?

Did they remake The Blob?

The Blob is a 1988 American science fiction horror film co-written and directed by Chuck Russell. A remake of the 1958 film of the same name, it stars Shawnee Smith, Kevin Dillon, Donovan Leitch, Jeffrey DeMunn, Paul McCrane, Art LaFleur, Robert Axelrod, Joe Seneca, Del Close and Candy Clark.

What was The Blob made of 1988?

Over that went the bulky “Blob Jacket,” a back-zipped vest made up of Blob quilt that fit over the whole structure. “We also used a couple of strips about three inches by nine inches long whose sides were heavily quilted while the center was clear silk with small little pockets sewn into it,” explains Gardner.

Is The Blob remake good?

The Blob is one of horror’s best remakes in existence. It pays proper homage to the 1958 original but shed much of the cheesiness in favor of loveable characters and glorious practical effects. The updated origins of the creature work even better than its 1958 counterpart.

Is The Blob 1988 a good movie?

Stunning practical effects work, a great story with great characters, and a huge sense of fun, it’s a shame that The Blob doesn’t have as big of a following as it should have. All we get is sullen Kevin Dillon subbing for Steve and a bigger, nastier lump that bloodies up its victims in stomach-churning close-ups.

Can the Blob be killed?

Although there is no known way to kill a Blob, it is known that the beast stays away from cold temperatures, as they cause the Blob to solidify. It is not killed, though, and it will come back to life once the temperature is raised again.

How can the Blob have 700 sexes?

In case you’re wondering how the blob has 720 sexes, here’s how it works: While human sex cells come in two types (sperm and egg), slime moulds have sex cells with multiple genes that can come in different combinations. Those combinations determine whether two individuals can mate with one another.

Is the blob real?

Here’s where things get even crazier: what happened in Philadelphia 70 years ago wasn’t an isolated event. As unbelievable as it already is that The Blob was based on anything from real life, it turns out that mysterious, disappearing space goo has been falling across the globe for centuries.

What does blob mean?

binary large object
A binary large object (BLOB) is a collection of binary data stored as a single entity.

How can the blob have 700 sexes?

What do you mean by blob?

noun. a globule of liquid; bubble. a small lump, drop, splotch, or daub: A blob of paint marred the surface. an object, especially a large one, having no distinct shape or definition: a blob on the horizon. a dull, slow-witted, and uninteresting person.

How is the Blob killed?

Is Blob stronger than Hulk?

Blob actually managed to grab him and sneered that Hulk was barely stronger than him back when he was green. Thanks to Blob’s ability to anchor himself, he didn’t immediately topple over, but having his stomach yanked and grossly deformed clearly caused him tremendous pain.