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Does SFU have residency?

Does SFU have residency?

SFU Residence and Housing is a living learning community made up of towers, traditional residence halls, studio style apartments and townhouses.

How much does residence cost at SFU?

Undergraduate residence fees

Building Cost/term Meal Membership
East/West Towers $3,720 $2,330
Shell House $3,192 optional
McTaggart Cowan Hall $3,192 optional
Townhouses $3,440 optional

How do I pay residence fee SFU?


  1. Method 1: Pay online via [email protected]
  2. Method 2: Pay in person.

Where do SFU Surrey students live?

The slopes of Burnaby Mountain are the obvious choice for SFU students to move off of campus but live nearby. The area features a wide variety of housing types — residential towers, low-rise condos and single-family homes that often rent out rooms or basements to students.

What is computing ID SFU?

What is a SFU computing ID? This is the user name and password used to access SFU campus systems such as email. Your user name is the first part of your email address, without the “@sfu”. Your password is the password you have chosen.

How much does UBC residence cost?

Costs. Fees and payments will vary depending on what residence and type of room you live in, as well as if you require a meal plan. A typical cost for a room and a meal plan for a new undergraduate student is between $10,700 and $13,850 for two terms.

How much is SFU meal plan?


Meal Plan Price Days
7-Day Plan $2330.00 *best value 7
5-Day Plan $2230.00 5
7-Day Platinum Plan $2830.00 7
7-Day Plus Plan $2580.00 7

How do I pay my SFU tuition?

You can pay on goSFU under “My admission to SFU” and “view and pay my fees.” Graduate students can pay by credit card through their graduate student online application system, or use one of the other methods listed on this page. Please note that admission deposits may vary by graduate program.

Where should I live in SFU?

The Towers.

  • East/West Towers.
  • Shell House.
  • McTaggart-Cowan Hall.
  • The Townhouses.
  • Hamilton Hall.
  • Charles Chang Innovation Centre.
  • Living Learning Communities.
  • Can graduate students live in dorms?

    Poorly figured food, transportation and housing costs can bust a graduate student’s budget. While undergraduate on-campus housing typically involves students sharing dorm rooms, graduate school on-campus housing may be whole or shared apartments.

    What kind of housing does Simon Fraser University have?

    Housing Options SFU Residence and Housing is a living learning community made up of towers, traditional residence halls, studio style apartments and townhouses. Our vibrant, diverse and inclusive community welcomes undergraduate and graduate students from all over the world from both Simon Fraser University and Fraser International College.

    Do you have to be admitted to SFU to get residence?

    You don’t have to be admitted to SFU to submit an application to residence — and in fact you shouldn’t wait — but we will not offer you housing until you have accepted an offer of admission. We make offers to admitted SFU and FIC students, based on the date of application.

    Are there roommates in the towers at SFU?

    Explore what the towers community has to offer. As an undergrad living in residences at SFU for the first time, you might even become best friends with someone taking the same class as you. Each room is single-occupancy only (i.e., no roommates, private) which means that you won’t have to share your room with anybody.

    Do you have to share your room with someone at SFU?

    Unlike many universities, at SFU, you will never have to share your room with anyone. Every resident will have their own single private room so you can create your own private space just how you want it. Located in the heart of Burnaby Mountain, SFU Residences has everything you need to be successful at SFU.