Has Brantano gone bust?

Has Brantano gone bust?

It was owned by Macintosh Retail Group until it was bought by Alteri in October 2015. The company entered administration in March 2017 and closed its last store in June 2017; 901 people were made redundant….Brantano UK.

Type Private
Number of employees 1,086

Are Brantano still trading?

Brantano has closed all remaining 69 stores in the UK, resulting in a total of 901 redundancies across the business. Tony Barrell and Mike Jervis of PwC were appointed as joint administrators of Brantano on 22 March after they failed to find a buyer for the business.

Do Brantano have stores?

German shoe group Deichmann has acquired 43 of the over 100 stores of bankrupt shoe chain Brantano, saving 300 jobs in the process. The saved stores will join Deichmann’s Dutch vanHaren brand, which quadruples its presence in Belgium.

Who is Emilio Luca?

Emilio Luca, a fictional Italian shoe designer, is the brand name of a new collection of shoes launched by British Shoe Corporation this week. The brand name, identity, packaging and launch literature is by Parker Stratton Design.