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How do I become an ATR pilot?

How do I become an ATR pilot?

Must have current COP/RTR, FRTO, Class 1 Medical, and an accident / incident-free record at the time of application.

  1. Criteria. Maximum Age: 37yrs, 40 yrs (for pilots > 1000 hrs flying time; Indian National with Indian DGCA issued CPL with ATR 72 endorsement.
  2. Course required to be completed. CPL.
  3. Hours required.

What does ATR stand for in aviation?

Regional Transport Airplanes
ATR (Aerei da Trasporto Regionale or Avions de transport régional; Regional Transport Airplanes in English) is a Franco-Italian aircraft manufacturer headquartered on the grounds of Toulouse Blagnac International Airport in Blagnac, France.

Is ATR a good plane?

Good reputation “(The ATR 72) is actually a very good aircraft – it’s been around for a while,” he says. “It’s used extensively in regional services, including by Virgin in Australia. Generally speaking it’s a good aircraft. “It doesn’t have reputation as a difficult plane to fly.

Which airline has the most ATR?

As of July 2019, 775 ATR 72s were in airline service, with a further 171 on order….Primary ATR 72 airline operators (with 15 aircraft or more) were:

  • Wings Air (Lion Group): 66.
  • Azul Brazilian Airlines: 33.
  • IndiGo: 31.
  • Air New Zealand: 27.
  • Swiftair: 22.
  • Firefly: 20.
  • Binter Canarias: 20.
  • ASL Airlines Ireland: 18.

What soes ATR stand for?

average true range
The average true range (ATR) is a market volatility indicator used in technical analysis. The ATR was originally developed for use in commodities markets but has since been applied to all types of securities.

Which is better ATR or Q400?

According to ATR’s website, the ATR 72 is 39% more efficient in fuel burn over 300 nautical miles. We could conclude that the ATR 72 is far more fuel-efficient than the Q400, but the Q400 carries more passengers. On a fuel burn per seat basis over the same distance, the Q400 comes out 8% ahead.

Are ATR flights safe?

The ATR 72 worldwide does not have a great safety record, the recent Transasia crashes being examples. However, Jet Airways overall safety record is very good, so I would not worry. The probability of a plane crash (even on an ATR 72) is significantly less than a road accident on the streets of Calcutta.

What is ATR in cabin crew?

Apply for Cabin Crew (ATR) at IndiGo.