How do I connect my Canon MX310 printer to my computer?

How do I connect my Canon MX310 printer to my computer?

Turn it on your computer, which you need to install Canon PIXMA MX310 printer on it. Turn it on the printer as well. Connect the printer USB cable from Printer to computer. Click on Start button –> then click on Control Panel –> then click on View Devices & Printer (for Windows 7, vista users).

What model is the Canon MX310?

Canon Pixma MX310 Office All-in-One Inkjet Printer (2184B002) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Printing Technology Inkjet, Laser
Model Name PIXMA
Compatible Devices Smartphones
Color Gray/Black
Printer Output Color

Is the Canon MX310 a wireless printer?

The PIXMA MX310 does not have wireless networking built in. To print and scan from your computer, a USB cable is required.

Where does the paper go in a Canon MX310?

(1) Load the paper in the Rear Tray with the print side facing UP. (2) Align the paper stack against the right side of the Rear Tray. (3) Pinch the Paper Guide and slide it against the left side of the paper stack.

How do I change the ink in my canon MX310 printer?

How To Replace Cartridge(s)

  1. The first step is to turn on the Canon PIXMA MX310. When it is open, you can now lift its printer cover.
  2. Press the empty cartridges semi-circular tab. The, pull out the empty cartridge out of its slot.
  3. Slowly insert the new ink cartridge to the cleared slot.
  4. Close the scanner unit.

What ink does canon MX310 use?

Canon PG-40
The Canon PIXMA MX310 uses Canon PG-40 and Canon CL-41 ink cartridges.

How do I scan on a Canon MX310?

Use Simple Mode to scan easily by following the on-screen steps.

  1. Place the documents face-down on the platen.
  2. Set Select Source according to the document placed on the platen.
  3. Click Preview and check the document to be scanned.
  4. Set Destination.
  5. Set Output Size.
  6. Specify the scan area (cropping frame) as required.

What ink is compatible with Canon MX310?

The Canon PIXMA MX310 uses Canon PG-40 and Canon CL-41 ink cartridges.

How do you install a Canon printer driver?

Install the Drivers for a Canon Inkjet Printer Double-click the shortcut to the Canon driver installation file located in the downloads folder. The Open file Security Warning dialog-box will appear. Click “Run” to access the driver installer. The installation wizard will appear.

How do I download printer driver for Canon?

Download the Drivers for a Canon Inkjet Printer Gather the required information. Access Canon’s Service and Support website. Navigate to the specific page for downloading your printer’s driver Select “Support and Drivers,” under Service and Support located in the column on the left. Download the drivers for your Canon inkjet printer.

What is generic print driver?

The Windows generic text printer is a printer that supports only text. The Windows generic text printer might be installed with generic drivers which is in-built in Windows. One of the easy way to install the printer driver is to install the printer using the drivers that are in-built. You might use the ‘Add printer’ wizard to install the printer.