How do I create an employee group in SAP HR?

How do I create an employee group in SAP HR?

Define Employee Groups

  1. Double click on Employee groups and click on “New Entries”
  2. In next screen enter the employee group key and description.
  3. Click on save icon to save the entries.
  4. Double click on Employee subgroups and click on “Edit employee subgroup”
  5. Click on “New Entries” to define new employee subgroups.

What is employee group in payroll?

Creating Employee Groups helps to classify employees based on different parameters, such as their job function, department, location, cadre/designation, and so on.

What is employee attributes in SAP HR?

What are employee attributes in SAP HR? Employee attributes are divided into three types of categories, i.e. Activity status. Employment Status. Training Status.

What is personnel structure in SAP HR?

SAP Personnel Structure describes the employees’ positions in a company from the individual employee’s view. It is one of the main structures in SAP HCM.

How do I change employee groups in SAP HR?

Step 1 : – Execute Tcode “SPRO” and SAP command field. Step 2 : – From display IMG screen, follow the navigation menu as below image and choose IMG activity “Employee groups”. Step 3 : – On change view employee groups overview screen, the system displays a list of defined employee groups in SAP.

What is SAP Payroll area?

Payroll areas are used in SAP HR to group together employees for whom payroll is run at the same time, and also to set the dates for the payroll period. Employees from different employee subgroups can belong to the same payroll area.

What is meant by employee group?

An Employee Group is a subdivision of a Personnel Subarea that determines benefits based on hours worked. An Employee Subgroup is a subdivision of an Employee Group, that defines eligibility for pay premiums; for example, certain job families that have special weekday and weekend options.

What is the difference between employee category and employee group?

While an Employee Group is available by default, an Employee Category provides an additional level of employee classification. An employee category can be used to track the salaries paid to employees working in specific projects or locations such as Head Office and Regional Offices.

What is SAP employee?

A person who contributes or has contributed to the creation of goods and services within the enterprise. As a rule, this occurs on the basis of a work contract or a contract for services.

What is SAP structure?

SAP structures are names that contain lists of fields. Their definition can be viewed via SE11. You can use structures in SAP for painting screen fields. Structures allow you to reference the actual tables and fields within databases that contain the data that you want.

What is employee group and subgroup in SAP HR?

How do I change an employee group in SAP?

How is an employee group defined in SAP?

An Employee group in SAP specifies as a category of employment, for e.g. permanent employees, contract employees, trainees, etc. Employee groups and employee subgroups are considered as personnel structure which is a part of enterprise structure.

How is a personnel area assigned in SAP?

The Created Personnel Area has to be assigned tothe company code. Only one company code can be assigned to a personnel area. Enterprise Structure -> Assignment -> Human Resources Management -> Assignment of Personnel Area to Company Code

How to create a HRM structure in SAP?

Enterprise Structure -> Assignment -> Human Resources Management -> Assignment of Personnel Area to Company Code Follow the below Path to create personnel subarea: Enterprise Structure -> Definition -> Human Resources Management-> Personnel Subareas.

What are the functions of an employee group?

Employee groups allow you to generate data entry default values, for example, for the payroll accounting area or an employee’s basic pay. Employee groups serve as selection criteria for reporting. Employee groups constitute an authorization check unit.