How do I enable related posts without plugins in WordPress?

How do I enable related posts without plugins in WordPress?

In order to enable it, add this code to your functions. php file in your theme folder (in most cases, it’s already there). add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’ ); set_post_thumbnail_size( 100, 50, true );

How do I show related posts in WordPress?

You can find it in the Themename Options > Blog section. For this article, we used the Behold theme, where the option for showing related posts is called Enable Related Posts. After enabling the appropriate option, you should check for the appearance of the related posts section by examining one of your blog posts.

How do I bypass WordPress plugins?

You can’t really “override” a function. If a function is defined, you can’t redefine or change it. Your best option is to create a copy of the plugin and change the function directly. Of course you will have to repeat this everytime the plugin is updated.

Are plugins necessary for WordPress?

Plugins are the building blocks of your WordPress site. They bring in important functions to your website, whether you need to add contact forms, improve SEO, increase site speed, create an online store, or offer email opt-ins. Whatever you need your website to do can be done with a plugin.

How do I show related posts with thumbnails in WordPress?

Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress. Customize plugin settings at menu Related Posts. Find it at the left bottom of the side menu in wp-admin.

How do you use jetpack related posts?

To start using Related Posts, go to Jetpack → Settings → Traffic page and activate the “Show related content after posts” toggle.

What are related posts WordPress?

The Related Posts feature pulls relevant content from your blog to display at the bottom of your posts. It uses your post content, tags, and categories to automatically generate a list of relevant posts on your site.

How do I show all post categories in WordPress?

Now, if you want to display all your posts from a specific category on a separate page, WordPress already takes care of this for you. To find the category page, you simply need to go to Posts » Categories » View page and click on the ‘View’ link below a category.

How do I override plugins in child theme?

You can’t overwrite a custom plugin, the only way is to duplicate his content creating a new plugin, and customize this new plugin made by yourself..

How do I override WooCommerce templates?

If you want to override one of WooCommerce’s templates, you can do so by creating a custom template file. Put simply, by creating a custom template, you can add new templates or completely change the functionality of existing ones.

What are the top 5 plugins you typically use with WordPress?

So, what I want to focus on are 7 universally essential WordPress plugins every website should have installed:

  • Yoast SEO.
  • iThemes Security.
  • UpdraftPlus.
  • WP-Optimize.
  • WPForms.
  • MonsterInsights.
  • WP AutoTerms.

Why can’t I install plugins on WordPress? users cannot install plugins unless they upgrade to the business plan which costs about $299 per year. If you are on a free, personal, or premium plan, then you cannot install third-party plugins. If you don’t want to pay the $299 per year, then you can move your blog from to

Where do you put related posts in WordPress?

You can style the post anyway you want them. Advantage:Most codes on the web cannot be used within the main post loop. Because the related posts are placed right after the main post and above the comments, this code is very helpful. We are saving the current post ID of the main loop and then recalling it at the end of our related posts code.

How to display related posts with thumbnails in WordPress?

Pin Related posts can be easily displayed with plugins, but did you ever wonder how you could display related posts with a Thumbnail without using a Plugin? In this article, we will share two different algorithm which you can use to generate related posts with thumbnails and avoid using any plugin.

Where to put post ID code in WordPress?

Usually when you don’t do it this way, the two post ID codes gets mixed up and then the comments start acting weird which can break the comments, other plugins related to comments such as numbering system etc. So this code is good and it works. Usage:Place this code anywhere you like in your single.phpand it will work.

How to tag a post in WordPress with multiple keywords?

You can tag each of your posts with multiple keywords. This algorithm would find other posts with any one of the tag that the current post has and will list them.