How do I fix my Lexmark printhead error?

How do I fix my Lexmark printhead error?

Go to “Replace Printhead” in the menu on the printer….For all other models:

  1. Press Wrench (setup/tool) button.
  2. Scroll to “Maintenance Menu”.
  3. Check “OK”
  4. Scroll to “Replace Printhead”.
  5. Check “OK”

What is a printhead error Lexmark?

A printhead error indicates that the printer thinks a failure has occurred in the printhead unit. If the printer continues to display a Printhead Error message, make sure it is plugged straight to the wall and not through a surge device or power strip.

How do I get my Lexmark printer out of error state?

  1. Turn off your Lexmark printer.
  2. Turn on your Lexmark printer and press and hold 2 and 6 simultaneously for at least 15 seconds.
  3. From the Service Mode, scroll down or navigate and select Restore Factory Defaults.
  4. Select Out of Service Erase, then Erase Memory.

How do I get printer out of error state?

Sometimes, simply restarting both your computer and printer can be the solution to the “printer in error state” issue. Power off your printer and computer completely, leaving them in this state for a few minutes, then turn them on again to see if the problem is gone.

Why is my printer connected but not printing Lexmark?

One of the most common Lexmark printer issues is that the printer is not responding to print requests. Restart your printer. In some cases, a simple restart can fix the issue. Unplug the printer and check if there is any paper stuck in the machine, and if the toner is installed correctly.

How do I bypass the color cartridge on my Lexmark printer?

  1. Access the “Printer Settings” window.
  2. Select properties for your printer.
  3. Click the “Ports” tab in the Properties window.
  4. Disable bi-directional communication.
  5. Click “Apply” and then click “OK.” This update will disable bi-directional communication with the printer, effectively turning off low ink warnings.

How do I reset my Lexmark smart chip?

Place the smart chip against the pins on the reset device. A red light will flash to show you that the chip is engaged. When the light turns green, usually six or seven seconds later, the cartridge chip is reset and ready to use.

How do I fix printer error?

First, try resetting the printer. Turn the printer off, and then unplug it. Plug the printer back in, and turn it back on again. Resetting the printer is a simple resolution, but it might still be enough to resolve the issue for some users.

Why is my printer giving me an error?

If your printer’s status displays “Printer in error state,” there may be a problem with the printer itself. Make sure the printer is turned on and connected to your PC by Wi-Fi or cable. Check it for low paper or ink, and be sure the cover isn’t open and the paper isn’t jammed.

Why is my Lexmark not printing?

How do I get my Lexmark printer back online?

Switch printer to online- To switch your printer from offline to online, go to the settings option and then click on printers. Right-click on your printer and choose to use the printer online. Print out the test page to check if the printer is online.