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How do I fix my Samsung WiFi problem?

How do I fix my Samsung WiFi problem?

Basic Wi-Fi troubleshooting on a phone or tablet

  1. Check the device. Remove any third-party cases or accessories.
  2. Reboot the mobile device. On phone or tablet with a Power key:
  3. Confirm that Wi-Fi is turned on. Open Settings, tap Connections, and then tap Wi-Fi.
  4. Reconnect to the network.

Why is my Samsung not working on WiFi?

Restarting your phone can clear glitches and help it reconnect to Wi-Fi. If your phone still won’t connect, then it’s time to do some resetting. In the Settings app, go to “General Management.” There, tap “Reset.” Your phone will restart — try connecting to Wi-Fi again.

How do I fix my Samsung network error?

How to Fix “No Service and Signal” on Samsung and Android

  1. Restart Your Android or Samsung Device.
  2. Toggle Airplane Mode.
  3. Manually Select Network Operators.
  4. Run a Ping Test With Service Mode.
  5. Double-Check Your Sim Card.
  6. Restore Factory Settings.

How do I fix WiFi errors?

Troubleshooting routers and modems

  1. Test your Wi-Fi on different devices.
  2. Restart your modem and router.
  3. Try a different Ethernet cable.
  4. See who’s using your Wi-Fi.
  5. Upgrade your equipment.
  6. Call your internet service provider.
  7. Reset your router to default settings.

Why does my Samsung phone WiFi keep disconnecting?

The WiFi connectivity issue can occur due to temporary glitches or bugs within the phone’s firmware. So, restart your phone as a basic fix. Then, check if the WiFi is working properly.

How do I reset my WiFi on my Samsung?


  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap General Management.
  3. Tap Reset.
  4. Tap Reset Network Settings.
  5. Tap Reset Settings.
  6. Tap Reset Settings one more time to confirm.

How do I fix the Wi-Fi on my Samsung TV?

To perform a network refresh on your Samsung Smart TV:

  1. Grab your remote & press the Home button to get to Settings.
  2. Navigate the menu to go to Settings > General > Network.
  3. Hover over the option to Reset Network and select YES.
  4. Restart your TV.

How do I reset my Wi-Fi on my Samsung?

Why is my mobile data not working on my Samsung?

Here are a couple things you can try to fix this issue: Power off your device completely, then power it back on. Make sure you have a network connection (if you have No Service click here). Go to Settings > Data Usage and make sure mobile data is checked ☑ and there is no data limit blocking you.

Why does my phone connect to WiFi but says no internet?

The first rule of IT-related fix is turning it off and on again, it fixes about 50 percent of problems. So, if your phone is not connecting to the internet even if the phone is connected to the Wifi router. Go to the settings and turn the Wifi toggle off and on again and see if it fixes your issue.

How to fix WiFi problem on Samsung TV?

Fixing WiFi Connection Problem on Samsung TV Restart Your Samsung TV. This is the easiest possible fix for the internet connection problem on your Samsung TV. It… Check Your WiFi Password. Believe it or not, a wrong password is one of the commonest reasons behind an internet… Reset Network

Why is my phone not connecting to my WiFi?

After turning ON the Airplane Mode, wait for 30 seconds and then turn it back OFF by using the same method. After applying this method, you can now try connecting to your WiFi network. There is a possible chance that the network settings on the phone can be glitched. Sometimes, the wrong settings of a network can mess up the WiFi network.

How can I tell if my Samsung TV has a WiFi signal?

To check your Samsung Smart TV’s signal strength: Use your TV remote to navigate to Settings. Click on General > Network > Open Network Settings > Wireless. Check the number of wifi bars showing on your TV.

Why does my Samsung Smart TV keep losing Internet connection?

Check Network Signal Strength. If your Samsung Smart TV keeps losing internet connection, you should navigate to Settings > General > Network > Open Network Settings > Wireless and check how many bars the network has. If there are just 1 0r 2 bars or it keeps fluctuating, you may not have a stable connection.