How do I register for Irish Medical Council?

How do I register for Irish Medical Council?

To apply for registration, you will create an online account on the Irish Medical Council’s website before you complete the application form and submit your supporting documents. The Irish Medical Council will review your application and documents before making a decision on your registration.

What does the Irish Medical Council do?

The Medical Council is the regulatory body for doctors. It has a statutory role in protecting the public by promoting the highest professional standards amongst doctors practicing in the Republic of Ireland. The Council also sets the standards for medical education and training in Ireland.

Can a Pakistani doctor work in Ireland?

Doctors who have achieved a Certificate of Experience from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, Sudan, Malaysia, the UK or Malta. Doctors who aren’t eligible under the above routes, can apply for the Pre-Registration Examination System (PRES) exam.

How do I contact the Irish Medical Council?

Irish Medical Council

  1. Kingram House, Kingram Place, Dublin, Ireland 2. Get Directions.
  2. Rating · 3.9.
  3. +353 1 498 3100.
  4. [email protected]
  5. https://www.medicalcouncil.ie/Contact-Details/

Can I go Ireland without ielts?

You no longer have to worry because you can now study in Ireland without IELTS. When planning to study at a foreign school, you may need to accept the introduction and admission of exams such as IELTS and TOEFL, but you may use any other exam that measures a student’s ability to read, write, and speak English.

How much do doctors earn in Ireland?

The average salary for a Doctor is €134,131 gross per year (€11,180 gross per month), which is 233% higher than the national average salary in Ireland. Doctor Salary Range: a Doctor can expect an average starting basic salary of €30,689 (excluding overtime). The highest salaries can exceed €200,000.

Who funds the Medical Council?

The Council has a majority of non-medical members. The 25 member Council consists of 13 non- medical members and 12 medical members. The Council receives no State funding and is funded primarily by doctors’ registration fees.

Is Plab accepted in Ireland?

PLAB EXAMS FOR IRELAND Doctor jobs in Ireland require that you pass the PLAB (PLAB For Doctors And Specialists In Ireland) test in order to secure your job as a Doctor in the Best Hospitals in Ireland.

How many years does it take to become a surgeon in Ireland?

It takes four to six years to complete, depending on the specialty.

How can I work as a doctor in Ireland?

To take up a permanent or locum role in Ireland, you must be registered as a doctor and have the right to work in Ireland.


How can I get permanent residence in Ireland?

Becoming a permanent resident in Ireland To become a permanent resident, you must meet the eligibility criteria. The Irish Permanent Residence Permit is specifically for foreign (non-EEA) nationals who have been living in the State for five years continuously under a form of work authorisation.

When should I apply for January intake in Ireland?

Timeline for Admission to Ireland Universities

Month Details
June/July Application deadline for Autumn intake
September Semester 1 begins
September/October Application deadline for Spring intake
January Semester 2 begins

What are the responsibilities of the Medical Council in Ireland?

The Medical Council is responsible for the regulation of doctors in Ireland. Main responsibilities include: Protecting the public by promoting and ensuring the highest professional standards amongst doctors Who can make a complaint to the Medical Council?

Can a doctor register with the Irish Medical Council?

Irish Medical Council specialist registration is specifically for doctors who have completed specialist training recognised by the Council and who may practise independently as a specialist. A number of eligibility categories are available for registration within the Specialist Division of the Register.

How to get epic report from Medical Council of Ireland?

As you upload each required credential, be sure to select the Medical Council of Ireland to receive an EPIC Report once the credential is verified. Request reports only for those credentials that the Medical Council requires.

How does ECFMG work with Medical Council of Ireland?

ECFMG partners with the Medical Council of Ireland to primary-source verify medical education credentials of internationally educated physicians applying for registration in the Republic of Ireland.