How do I reset my HP Onboard Administrator?

How do I reset my HP Onboard Administrator?

Press and hold in the onboard administrator reset button for 5 seconds. To boot the system into lost password modem press L. The password appears as the system reboots. Alternatively, to reset a password on the onboard administrator, select the Insight Display (LCD panel) USBMenu option.

What is HP Onboard Administrator?

The HP Onboard Administrator controls and manages the environmental health and power status for the entire HP BladeSystem Enclosure. This includes all the following components: HP BladeSystem enclosure. Power Supplies.

How do you access administrator on HP board?

Remote access to the Onboard Administrator

  1. Open a command-line window from a network-connected client.
  2. At the prompt, telnet to the IP address of the Onboard Administrator and press Enter.
  3. Enter a valid user name and press Enter.
  4. Enter a valid password and press Enter.
  5. Enter commands for the Onboard Administrator.

How do you reset an OA module?

The Onboard Administrator (OA) has a reset button on the rear of the enclosure. It can also be reset through the OA Insight Display’s Enclosure Information screen. The servers can be reset through the OA or through the Integrated Lights-Out 2 (iLO 2).

How do I reset my administrator c7000 password?

Press and hold in the HP BladeSystem Onboard Administrator reset button for 5 seconds. Select LP from the serial console prompt. Press L to boot the system into Lost Password mode. The password appears on the screen as it reboots.

How do I access OA command line?

Execute the SHOW ALL command from either the OA GUI or the OA CLI as follows:

  1. OA GUI > Enclosure Settings > Configuration Scripts > SHOW ALL.
  2. OA CLI > Execute the following CLI command: SHOW ALL.

How do I find the administrator log on board?

For the OA GUI select Enclosure Information – Enclosure Settings – Configuration Scripts. Select link for “Show All”. This includes the OA system log. If the OA is a bit old then the link is “Click Here…to view inventory.

How do you create a show all report?

Login to Onboard Administration GUI using a browser having java. Click on “SHOW ALL” which will generate the report on a new TAB of the browser.

How do I reset my HP c7000 enclosure?

The solution depends on the context:

  1. Cold reset (reboot) of the enclosure: Disconnect and reconnect all power cables until there are no power cables attached, wait a few seconds, then reattach them.
  2. Warm reset (reboot) of the enclosure:
  3. Reset to factory defaults:

How do I reset my HP Virtual Connect Manager password?

HP Virtual Connect Manager – Unable to Login

  1. Save the OA settings.
  2. Reset the OA to factory default (this will clear the OA VCMODE).
  3. Restore the OA settings (including EBIPA settings for the VC modules).
  4. Find the factory password on the VC module in bay 1.
  5. Log into the VC module in bay 1 using the factory password.

How do I get all OA show reports?

How do I collect Virtual Connect support dump?

To collect the VC SupportDump you would need Virtual Connect Support Utility i.e. vcsu. You can download the vcsu tool from official HPE page depending upon the platform where it has to be installed.

What makes the HPE BladeSystem c7000 enclosure redundant?

Just about everything on the HPE c7000 chassis is redundant for increased resiliency, including the optional redundant BladeSystem Onboard Administrator Management Module. The BladeSystem c7000 supports multiple server and networking configurations in a single enclosure, and can manage a single server or multiple servers for pooled resources.

What do USB ports do on BladeSystem c7000 enclosure?

USB ports on the BladeSystem Onboard Administrator are used to connect DVD drives to support the DVD feature in the c7000 enclosure. All c-Class enclosures support two enclosure link connectors that provide private communications between enclosures linked with CAT5 cable.

Is the c7000 enclosure the same as the C3000?

The c7000 enclosure and the c3000 enclosure support many of the same critical components such as servers, interconnects, mezzanine cards, storage blades, power supplies, and fans. 1HP also offers the HP BladeSystem c3000 Enclosure, which is optimized for remote sites or small businesses.