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How do you combo with Cammy?

How do you combo with Cammy?

Cammy’s Combos f +hk + + Spiral Arrow- This deals a great deal of damage, but beware, the double knee press (f + hk) is minus on block, so don’t be too eager or you could suffer a CH. + st. hp + Spiral Arrow- This is a good combo to punish opponents with and is really easy to do.

Is Cammy good for beginners?

Cammy is a good character for beginners. She’s fairly straightforward and lacks complex gimmicks. Plus, her high position on most tier lists means she is a great choice for competitive play.

Is Cammy easy to learn?

Cammy is a simple to understand rushdown character. Like Ryu, she doesn’t have too many complicated things about her, and her plan is simpler than Ryu’s. With lots of long reaching normals and her fast special moves, she is a strong rushdown character that any beginner can fall in love with.

What fighting style does Cammy use?


Cammy White
Occupation Assassin (Shadaloo Cammy) Delta Red Agent
Fighting style Shadaloo assassination techniques (Shadaloo) Special forces Combatives (Delta Red)
Origin United Kingdom
Nationality English

How do you do Cammy special moves?

Unique Moves

  1. Knee Bullet (Forward + Hard Kick)
  2. Lift Upper (Back + Medium Punch)
  3. Lift Combination (Back + Medium Punch > Hard Kick)

Is SFV hard to learn?

SF5 is a grueling grind for newcomers, but picking it up this late in its life isn’t an impossible task. I urge anyone toying with the idea of hopping into the series now to do so. Maybe I’m just a sucker for pain, but the rush I get when I land a max-damage punish on an opponent is unmatched in any other game I play.

Who is the best character in SFV?

G. G is currently the best character in Street Fighter V.

  • Akuma. Easily one of the best characters in the game, Akuma has done very well in recent years.
  • Urien. Urien was pretty good in Street Fighter III: Third Strike and as it turns out, he’s doing well in Street Fighter V too.
  • Cammy.
  • Rashid.
  • Karin.
  • Dictator (M.
  • Ibuki.
  • Who is the strongest female character in Street Fighter?

    Chun-Li, the strongest woman in the Street Fighter world. We affectionately call her “thunder thighs”.

    Does Guile like Cammy?

    In the Street Fighter animated series, Cammy becomes more flirtatious with Guile during or after their missions together. Despite her playfulness and forwardness, Guile remains loyal to his cause, the mission, and especially, to his love interest.

    How old is Cammy from Street Fighter?

    Cammy White
    Series Street Fighter
    Age 22
    Birthday January 6, 1974
    Sex Female

    Why are SFV combos so hard?

    Why is so hard to execute special moves and combos? But in Street Fighter It’s a tough fight with the controls always, in some difficult moments the special moves simply do not execute at all, and this stresses enormously.