How do you decode a Porsche VIN number?

How do you decode a Porsche VIN number?

How to Decode a Porsche VIN?

  1. W – Country of Origin (Germany)
  2. P – Manufacturer (Porsche)
  3. 0 – Vehicle Type (Passenger Car)
  4. AA298 – Description (2dr/Coupe/Porsche Cayman)
  5. 9 – Check Digit.
  6. 7 – Model Year (2007)
  7. U – Assembly Plant (Stuttgart, Germany)
  8. 763174 – Production Sequence Number.

Where is the VIN number on a 911 Porsche?

The most popular spot is on the front of the dashboard on the driver’s side. You can often see it if you stand outside of the vehicle and look through the windshield. If you are not finding it there, then you should check the driver’s side door pillar.

Where is the VIN number on a Porsche?

Frequently you can find your VIN number in one of the following locations: on the driver’s side door jam (sometimes on the passenger’s side), under the windshield on the driver’s side, near the firewall of the vehicle or on the steering column.

How do I find my Porsche build sheet?

Just in case anyone is interested – you can get a full spec / build sheet for your pride and joy from just need your VIN number. Not sure how long this will be available, but just ran mine and came back with a full and detailed list of build options that match perfectly with my car.

What do Porsche Vins start with?

P = Porsche. 0 (zero) = Passenger car (applies to all except Cayenne and Macan) or 1 = SUV (applies to Cayenne and Macan). Engine.

Where is the VIN number on a Porsche 997?

If you haven’t got it (as I haven’t!!) then your VIN is under the battery compartment cover below the left hand side of the windscreen.

What is VINwiki?

VINwiki is a mobile and web based social vehicle history reporting platform. It invites users to create, contribute to, and curate the stories of the cars around them. Rather than relying on interpreted institutional data, VINwiki puts the control back in the hands of the driver.

How do I find my Porsche options?

Stickers listing the option codes for a particular Porsche can be found under the boot lid and on the inside cover of the warranty manual.

Can I get a window sticker from a VIN number?

How to get a window sticker from a VIN number? You can pull the details of a window sticker (the kind you find on cars at a dealer’s lot) by using the VIN. To do this, visit and put in the make and model of the vehicle.

How do I get my original window sticker?

Go to the dealership where the car was originally sold. The dealer can sometimes give you a copy of the original window sticker if you provide your VIN, proof of ownership and the name of the original owner.

What is Porsche Premium Package plus?

Premium Package Plus (Includes front and rear parking sensors, reversing camera, cornering lights, speed-dependent headlight range control, adverse weather function and headlight washer system, front and rear heated seats, front seat ventilation, automatically dimming interior and side mirrors, keyless entry and …

Where is the VIN number on a Porsche 911?

offside drivers door frame in a sticker format. Earlier models have the plate inside the front boot on the offside inner wing or near to the front.

Where can you get free VIN lookup?

With your VIN in hand, go to the NICB website. This is the “free VIN Check service” provided by the National Insurance Crime Bureau, and issues free reports on cars that have current records of theft” or “have an outstanding title brand”.

Where is the VIN on a Porsche?

Porsche VIN number can be found under the windshield, on a metal plate in the trunk, as well as under the hood, right in the direction of the car’s movement in European models, or on the sticker on the driver’s door in American models.

Is vin decoder free?

VIN Decoder is absolutely free. In most cases, when buyers go to a showroom to buy a car, they are uncertain about the features of a certain vehicle. Sometimes they are afraid they might end up buying a car with different features rather than the ones they expected.