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How do you get money fast on family farm seaside?

How do you get money fast on family farm seaside?

Family Farm Seaside Guide: 6 Tips, Cheats & Hints to Run a Prosperous Farm

  1. Maximize The Available Space.
  2. Always Produce Some Goods.
  3. Sell Goods For The Highest Profit.
  4. After Reaching Level 10, Focus On Finishing Quests.
  5. Register Every Single Part Of Your Farmstead.
  6. Never Forget To Collect Fruits From Trees.

How do you bomb the mine in Family Farm Seaside?

One is by choosing a Neighbour with access to the Island. Drag your chosen Explosive or Pickaxe into each of the other two Bomb-shaped Icons, then tap ‘Boom’.

How do you get free RC on family farm seaside?

You can get free RC in the following ways:

  1. 1) Connecting to Facebook. When you log in to Facebook with your game for the first time, you will get 3 RC for free.
  2. 2) Daily Login Bonus.
  3. 3) Level up.
  4. 4) Achievements.
  5. 5) Mystrons.
  6. 6) Fortune Wheel.
  7. 7) Facebook Fan Page.
  8. 8) Fishing.

How do I expand my farm in Family Farm Seaside?

Use 630000 Coins to expand the land area for your farm! Use 95 Honeysuckle Soap to expand the land area for your farm! Honeysuckle Soap is made by the Soap Machine on the Island. Use 635000 Coins to expand the land area for your farm!

How many levels are in Family Farm Seaside?

5 levels
Currently there are 5 levels. The higher the level, the more rewards you can get.

How do you use energy essence in Family Farm Seaside?

Open the Rare Bank and tap on the ‘i’ next to the rare seed or materials icon to find the specific information. You will need Energy Essence to grow your special crops/fruits or process your materials. Finish Guest Orders from the Guest Center to get Energy Essence (see FAQ Guest Center).

Where is the community exotic store in Family farm Seaside?

Water Town
Alexander is a businessman that always brings precious goods to the farm, like cherry tomatoes 🍅 and elephants 🐘! To go to his Exotic Store, tap the community building near your Achievement House and then search for him in the Water Town Community!

How do you get iron ore in family farm?

Iron Ore is a rare resource in the game, so be sure to collect it when you find it….You can get it in several ways:

  1. Complete tasks;
  2. Open hidden chests on the map;
  3. Buy kits from the bank;
  4. Participate in regular events.

How do you make a fruit platter on family farm seaside?

Get the Fruit Platter Gadget in the Mystery Store with Blue Mystrons and add it to your Juice Machine. You will need to upgrade your Juice Machine to level 5 first. 🍒 3. Get the Fruit Platter by chance while producing in your Juice Machine!

How do you get the yellow Mystron in Family Farm Seaside?

Yellow Mystrons can be obtained from:

  1. Planning Circus Monkey Boost ahead.
  2. Achievement House.
  3. Daily Quest Chests.
  4. Some Discount Decorations.

How do you get the buddy tree in Family Farm Seaside?

Buddy Tree Once you reach Buddy Grade 1, you will be able to unlock the Red Mystron tab on the Mystery Store. From here, you will be able to purchase items such as Buddy Tree. After purchasing the Buddy Tree, you will need to build it by tapping on it. After that, you will need Buddy Hearts to make the tree grow.

How do you get a four leaf clover in family farm?

Maria Marroquin‎Family Farm Seaside Community In your research lab if you have cropology unlocked then you can put frugal powder on some empty plots and after putting the powder on the empty plot then plant clover. When it’s ready to harvest you have a chance at receiving a 4 leaf clover plant.

Is there a new update for Family Farm Seaside?

There is a new update for Family Farm Seaside that introduces an Island. This will be a second farm. I probably should state that I do not work for FunPlus. My guides are based on my own gameplay experience. Sometimes I make errors, but I always try to correct them. I log all my results and include them in my guides.

What’s the main focus of Family Farm Seaside?

Producing various goods and then selling them is the main focus in Family Farm Seaside. So make sure always to have something producing. Since more advanced goods, that require base products (like honey) to be made have way better prices, try making and selling them.

What’s the difference between Seaside Island and seaside farm?

Gameplay on the Island is very different from the original Seaside Farm although farming in terms of growing Crops is the same. The biggest difference is that of the ‘Dev points’ that are required to unlock new Crops, Animals, Machines and Decorations.

How long do quests take in Family Farm Seaside?

Not all take the same amount of time. Many have taken a quarter of an hour but some take 20 minutes. There are two reasons why I log all the Quests/Missions in Family Farm Seaside. One is to allow other Farms the luxury of anticipating the Items/Ingredients they may need in the near future.