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How do you say all months in Japanese?

How do you say all months in Japanese?

The months in Japanese

  1. 1月 ichi-gatsu: January.
  2. 2月 ni-gatsu: February.
  3. 3月 san-gatsu: March.
  4. 4月 shi-gatsu: April.
  5. 5月 go-gatsu: May.
  6. 6月 roku-gatsu: June.
  7. 7月 shichi-gatsu: July.
  8. 8月 hachi-gatsu: August.

How do you say 12 months in Japanese?

Name of Months in Japanese

  1. January 1月 – いちがつ Ichi gatsu.
  2. February 2月 – にがつ Ni gatsu.
  3. March 3月 – さんがつ San gatsu.
  4. April 4月 – しがつ Shi gatsu (Not Yon gatsu)
  5. May 5月 – ごがつ Go gatsu.
  6. June 6月 – ろくがつ Roku gatsu.
  7. July 7月 – しちがつ Shichi gatsu (Not Nana gatsu)
  8. August 8月 – はちがつ Hachi gatsu.

What are the months called in Japan?


English name Common Japanese name
January 一月 (ichigatsu)
February 二月 (nigatsu)
March 三月 (sangatsu)
April 四月 (shigatsu)

How do you say months and dates in Japanese?

How to tell the date in Japanese Posted by yuki on Mar 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

January 一月 Shichi-gatsu
February 二月 Hachi-gatsu
March 三月 Ku-gatsu
April 四月 Juu-gatsu
May 五月 Juu-ichi-gatsu

What is the meaning of Tsuki?

Tsuki. Tsuki, is the Japanese word for “thrust”, coming from the verb tsuku, meaning “to thrust”. It sounds the same as the Japanese word for “moon”/”month” tsuki.

How do you say today in hiragana?

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

  1. 昨日 きのう kinou = yesterday.
  2. 今日 きょう kyou = today.
  3. 明日 あした ashita = tomorrow.
  4. 先週 せんしゅう senshuu = last week.
  5. 今週 こんしゅう konshuu = this week.
  6. 来週 らいしゅう raishuu = next week.
  7. 先月 せんげつ sengetsu = last month.
  8. 今月 こんげつ kongetsu = this month.

What is Nichi mean in Japanese?

The kanji 日(nichi) means day, sun, Sunday and sometimes Japan.

What does Nikagetsu mean?

two, two radical (no.2) 月 month, moon.

Does Japan have months?

In modern Japanese, the months are simply numbered from one to 12. For example, January is the first month of the year, therefore it is called “ichi-gatsu.”

What is youbi in Japanese?

The Japanese wordようび (youbi/ yōbi) means “day” in English. It comes from the Chinese character 曜日.

What is Doyoubi in Japanese?

Saturday. Learn Japanese vocabulary: 土曜日 (doyoubi) – Meaning: Saturday. Type: Noun.

What are the original names of the months in Japanese?

English name Common Japanese name Traditional Japanese name January: 一月 (ichigatsu) Mutsuki (睦月, “Month of Love,” alternatively “Month of Affection”). February: 二月 (nigatsu) Kisaragi (如月) or Kinusaragi (衣更着, “Changing Clothes”). March: 三月 (sangatsu) Yayoi (弥生, “New Life”). April: 四月 (shigatsu)

How many days are in a Japanese month?

Japanese people also use 10-day periods called jun (旬). Each month is divided roughly into three 10-day periods: The first (from the 1st to the 10th) is jōjun (上旬, upper jun) The second (from the 11th to the 20th), chūjun (中旬, middle jun) The last (from the 21st to the end of the month), gejun (下旬, lower jun).

What are the Japanese days of the month?

upper jun)

  • middle jun)
  • lower jun).
  • How do you say “month” in Japanese?

    There is no capitalization in Japanese. Months are basically numbers (1 through 12) + gatsu, which means, literally, “month” in English. So, to say the months of the year, you generally say the number of the month, followed by gatsu.