How do you set up a Moultrie camera?

How do you set up a Moultrie camera?

  1. 10172013 • MCG-12589 / MCG-12646.
  2. Open camera cover. Install 4 C-cell alkaline batteries.
  3. Insert SD Memory Card until you hear an audible click. Camera will not operate without SD card.
  4. Mount camera in desired location using a mounting strap. Switch camera to IR AIM.
  5. Set the Delay and Resolution.
  6. 2 GB.
  7. 16 GB.
  8. 2 GB.

Why wont my Moultrie take pictures?

If you check your trail camera only to find it hasn’t been taking photos, double-check your current settings. Sometimes you simply forget to start it up — make sure the camera is on. Then review your settings to confirm your device is set to take photographs when it detects motion, or put it in time-lapse mode.

How do I reset my Moultrie security code?

According to the Moultrie Game Spy D-555i 8 Megapixel Digital Game Camera instruction manual, in order to reset the security code, you will need to contact Moultrie customer support at 800-653-3334.

What is Moultrie time lapse?

The Time Lapse Mode is also referred to as Plot mode, where the camera is triggered on a regular timer schedule instead of waiting for animals to trigger the camera.

Why is Moultrie mobile not working?

Having trouble with your Moultrie Mobile App? In order to keep your app functioning properly you may need to update it periodically. If it is loading slowly, not loading at all, or you are having any other issue with it, you could be running off an older version.

How do I use Moultrie mobile app?

Download the Moultrie Mobile App to get started. To activate online, sign up or sign in. Sign up for a free Moultrie Mobile account, or sign in to your existing account. Open your Moultrie Mobile App, select Account, then select Activate Device.

How do I activate my Moultrie modem?

Follow the steps below to activate your modem on your Moultrie Mobile account. Open your Moultrie Mobile app and log in with your email address and password, if requested. Click Account from the bottom of your screen. Click Activate Device and follow instructions to pick your plan.

Why does my Moultrie camera say no memory?

Your trail camera can say no SD card due to bad formatting, a poor connection between the SD Card and its port, because of a dusty memory chip port/housing socket, or due to a faulty/broken SD card.

How do I reset my Moultrie camera?

Try a “hard reset”. To do this: (1) remove the batteries and the SD card from the camera. (2) With the batteries and SD card removed, turn on (switch it to Quick Start, Custom Start, or On) the device for one minute. (3) After one minute, turn the camera Off, insert the batteries and SD card and turn the unit back on.

How do I reset my trail camera?

Hello, here are the tips to reset: 1. press and hold “Down” arrow key, 2. move power switch to “SET” position, 3. then the trail cam turns on, the passcode will be clear.

Is there a warranty on the Moultrie m-880?

Moultrie product, please contact us using the information on the back of this booklet. your 1-year warranty. Page 1 THANK YOU for your purchase of the M-880 GameSpy Digital Camera. Please THANK YOU for your purchase of the M-880 GameSpy Digital Camera. Please THANK YOU for your purchase of the M-880 Digital Game Camera.

How to change the info strip setting on Moultrie m-880?

To change the Info Strip setting press the LEFT/RIGHT buttons to highlight the desired setting. Page 8 Internet. In no event will Moultrie or its affiliates be liable for damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with your use of the camera, Time Frequency the geotagging feature or any other features associated with this camera.

How to extend the field life of a Moultrie camera?

Page 2 ON (FAST FLASH) CAMERA NAME: MOULTRIECAM INFOSTRIP ACTIVE: Using the Moultrie Battery Box Extend the field life of your Moultrie camera with a TEMPERATURE: FAHRENHEIT long-lasting, rechargeable external power source. AC CONNECTED?: Place near the tree where the camera is mounted.

What to do if you lose your Moultrie security code?

Page 6 Press the OK button. Use the Up/Down buttons to choose between (5 sec, 10 sec, NOTE: Please remember your security code. If the code is lost, you can contact Moultrie customer 30 sec, 1 min, 5min, 10min, or 30 min).