How does soccer 10 payout work?

How does soccer 10 payout work?

There is no consolation payout – you must get all 10 matches correct to win. Should nobody get all 10 matches correct, the pool will be carried forward. Play a single or multiple entry. With a single entry, you select ONE option or choice for each match and the bet costs R2.

What is the minimum bet amount for Soccer 10?

With a single entry, you select ONE option or choice for each match and the bet costs R2. With a multiple entry, you can choose more than one option in one or more matches. The cost is R2 per combination.

How does soccer 15 payout work?

70% of the pool is allocated for bets with all 15 matches correct and the other 30% of pool for entries with any 14 of 15 matches correct. If the 70% portion of the pool is not won, it is carried forward to the 70% portion of a selected Soccer 10 pool.

How do you win soccer6?

To win, you must predict the results of the six matches. In each game, one team is designated Team A and the other Team B. There are 3 results to choose from in each match: Team A to Win.

How much does it cost to play soccer 4?

What does Soccer 4 Cost? The cost of the bet and all the other rules are the same as Soccer 6. A single entry (one choice per match) costs R6 and the cost of a multiple entry is R6 per combination.

How do you play soccer special?

The Soccer Special bet is to select the result of six soccer matches as designated in the totalisator’s official fixture card for each event. There are three possible results for each match vis. 1 – Team A to win, 2 – Draw, 3 – Team B to win. The unit of betting is R1 and the minimum bet is R1.

How much does it cost to bet soccer 13?

The unit of betting is R2. 00 but this changes according to the exchange rate. Permutations of multiple entries can be played in the normal way. If any payout is R15 or less, the money is not paid out and instead carried forward to a future pool.

How does soccer 4 payout work?

Official Soccer 4 payouts are declared as soon as official results of the matches are received. Results and payouts are published on this website and displayed at TABs as soon as they become available. If you have a winning combination, present your ticket and collect your money at any TAB outlet.

Does Soccer 13 count extra time?

2PURPOSE: The purpose of the soccer 13 Xtra is to select the result of thirteen soccer matches as designated in the official soccer 13 Xtra fixtures card for each event. The result shall not include extra time nor penalty shootouts. 6.12.

What is soccer special in Hollywoodbets?

What is the maximum payout for Hollywoodbets?

This payout will be limited in terms of the preceding paragraphs which declare that the maximum amount that any single customer (directly or indirectly) may win from any bet or bets placed with Hollywoodbets on any one day, irrespective of the stakes in respect thereof or the terms of that bet, is subject always to a …

When do the soccer 10 results come out?

Sat 17 Jul – S10 V2 Sat 17 Jul – S10 V1 Fri 16 Jul – S10 V3 Thu 15 Jul – S10 V2 Wed 14 Jul – S10 V1

Who are the teams in the soccer 10 pools?

Pools and Matches – Soccer 10 Match Team A Team B M1 AmaZulu L L W Moroka Swallows D D D M2 Baroka FC D W D Orlando Pirates L W L M3 Bloemfontein Celtic W D D Mamelodi Sundowns D W D M4 Cape Town City D D L Black Leopards W D L

Is the S10 pool open for soccer matches?

Status: OPEN. Pool Code 1TT Tue 20 Jul – S10 V1 Status: OPEN. Pool Code 1UU Status: OPEN. Pool Code SJJ Status: NOT YET OPEN. Pool Code SKK Status: NOT YET OPEN.