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How many cylinders is a 2004 Honda Accord?

How many cylinders is a 2004 Honda Accord?

2004 Honda Accord/Number of cylinders

What cylinder is a Honda Accord 2004?

Honda’s 2.4-liter i-VTEC four-cylinder engine develops 160 hp.

What engine does a 2004 Honda Accord EX have?

2.4 L 4-cylinder
2004 Honda Accord EX/Engine

Is a Honda Accord EX a 4 cylinder?

The 2021 Honda Accord is a midsize sedan available in six trim levels: LX, Sport, Sport Special Edition (or simply SE), EX-L, Sport 2.0T and Touring. Most Accords come with a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine (192 horsepower) and a continuously variable automatic transmission that powers the front wheels.

How many miles per gallon does a 2004 Honda Accord get?

Up to 26 city / 34 highway
2004 Honda Accord/MPG

How do I know if my 2004 Honda Accord is an EX or LX?

It depends on the model year, but most model years LX is the base model, in more recent years that means cloth interior, power windows, power door locks, and cruise with steel wheels as the base options. EX has typically meant an upgrade to include a moonroof and alloy whels. You can identify the model by the VIN.

Is a 2004 Honda Accord a good car?

The 2004 Honda Accord is arguably the best midsize car sold in America today. It’s certainly one of the best-selling cars and has been for the past decade. The popular LX and EX models are terrific cars with comfort and convenience features that make for great daily drivers.

Is 2004 Honda Accord a good car?

What is the difference between Honda Accord EX and EX L?

What Is the Difference Between the Accord EX and EX-L? Ultimately, the Accord EX-L offers the same upgrades as the EX with a few additional luxury touches. The EX-L features leather-trimmed seats and a 10-speaker stereo system with subwoofers, whereas the EX offers neither of these features.

Which year Accord is best?

Best Honda Accord The Honda Accord has an excellent track record in overall reliability and driver satisfaction. Overall, 2013 is the model year with the highest scores in reliability AND owner satisfaction. Model years 2000 through 2003 and also model year 2008 are consistently listed as years to avoid.

Are 2004 Honda Accords reliable?

The 2004 Honda Accord Reliability Rating is 4.0 out of 5. It ranks 1st out of 32 for all car brands.

How many gallons does a 2004 Honda Civic hold?

13.2 gallons
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2004 Honda Civic
Tank Size 13.2 gallons
*Based on 45% highway, 55% city driving, 15,000 annual miles and current fuel prices. Personalize. MSRP and tank size data provided by, Inc. Range on a tank and refueling costs assume 100% of fuel in tank will be used before refueling.

How much horsepower does a 2004 Honda Accord have?

Engine Torque 212 lb-ft @ 5000 rpm Base engine size 3.0 l Horsepower 240 hp @ 6250 rpm Turning circle 36.1 ft. Valves 24

What kind of engine does a Honda Accord EX have?

Overview Overview EX 4dr Sedan w/Curtain Airbags 2.4L 4cyl Engine Type Gas Transmission 5-speed automatic Drive Type Front wheel drive Cylinders Inline 4

What kind of fuel economy does a Honda Accord get?

Six-cylinder Accords generally had a version of the new 5-speed automatic transmission with overdrive, except for the coupe described below, which could be purchased with a 6-speed manual transmission. With the V6 engine and automatic transmission, the Accord achieved a 21mpg city/30 hwy fuel economy rating.

What kind of transmission does a Honda Accord have?

A five-speed-automatic transmission replaced the former four-speed unit. Early in 2003, a special Accord coupe with a V-6 and six-speed-manual gearbox joined the lineup. For 2004, XM Satellite Radio is available in selected models, and the four-cylinder EX may be equipped with side curtain-type airbags.