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How many days do you need in Guilin?

How many days do you need in Guilin?

Re: How many days should I spend in Guilin? We would recommend 2 days in Yangshuo and one day in Ping’an which could be a great overnight stay. One day in Guilin is more than enough. Ping’An is a two hour drive and home to two interesting minority tribes.

Is December a good time to visit Guilin?

Winter months, from December to March, are mild to cold in Guilin and Yangshuo. It is the low season and tour prices are lower. The best times to see the Longji Rice Terraces are around mid-May, when they are irrigated and the waterlogged paddies sparkle in the sunlight, and September/October when the rice is golden.

Is Guilin worth visiting?

Guilin itself is a great city, with a few worthwhile sights to hunt out, some pagodas to view, and plenty of good bar and restaurants, but mainly it is a great base for exploring two areas around the city. To the north are the Longji Rice terraces of Longshen and to the south is Yangshuo and the Li River.

What food is Guilin known for?

Guilin Cuisine

  • Guilin Rice Noodles: The noodles of Guilin are famous throughout China and can be found in places such as Shanghai and Hong Kong.
  • Yangshuo Beer Fish:
  • Griddle Cooked Beef Steak:
  • Zongzi(traditional Chinese rice-pudding):
  • Luohanguo:
  • Lipu Taro Looped Meat:
  • Chicken with filed Snails:
  • Li River Fish Soup:

Is Guilin safe?

Guilin is quite safe whenever you go out, even in the midnight. Don’t be afraid to walk outside at night, or else you’ll miss the best night views in Guilin. The green mountains and rivers in Guilin make a perfect match with those artificial lights, which provide all the tourists so fabulous a picture at night.

Should I stay in Guilin or Yangshuo?

Here is the quick answer: Guilin city is best for transport and is convenient for a one/two-night stay and to do some city sightseeing. Yangshuo, with better scenery and more attractions, hotels, and restaurants, is a place you can settle down to enjoy your vacation.

Which is better Guilin or Yangshuo?

Is it better to stay in Guilin or Yangshuo?

How do I get from Hong Kong to Guilin?

The quickest way to get from Hong Kong to Guilin is to train which costs $280 – $370 and takes 3h 25m. Is there a direct train between Hong Kong and Guilin? Yes, there is a direct train departing from West Kowloon Station station and arriving at Guilin West. Services depart once daily, and operate every day.

How do you get around Guilin?

By Public Bus, or Sightseeing Bus: There are public buses that travel throughout Guilin, and taking the bus would be the best and the most common method of getting around the city. The buses charge only 1.2rmb per ride. The exception is the 99 and 98 busses which have air conditioning and heat and are 2rmb per ride.

How far is Guilin from Yangshuo?

44 miles
Yangshuo is 70 km (44 miles) from Guilin, or 80 minutes by car. Most people first go to Guilin by air, train, or bus, and then go on to Yangshuo.

Is Guilin a safe city to travel?

Guilin is a safe city, with low levels of crime and a fine blend of cultures from many areas of China. You need to be wary of pickpockets and menace children selling flowers, as with elsewhere in China, although most people have a hassle-free time. Getting around Guilin is chiefly by bus or taxi.

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