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How many days take to refund from IRCTC?

How many days take to refund from IRCTC?

When will I get refund of my train ticket? take 3 to 7 working days from the scheduled departure of the train. How can I track cancellation status of my cancelled ticket? If train is cancelled, e-ticket will be automatically cancelled and user will receive SMS informing him/her about the cancellation of e-ticket.

Did not receive refund from IRCTC?

However, if you do not receive the refund money after several days. Then you should write a complaint email to IRCTC about the refund status. Otherwise, you can check at the IRCTC website for refund status.

When settlement fails and tickets are not booked?

At the same time, when the notification of ‘Settlement Failed and Ticket Not Booked’ comes, this notification means that there has been a problem from your bank. This means that the ticket money did not reach IRCTC. In such a situation, the bank credits you money in the next 2-3 days.

How can I track my IRCTC refund?

  1. Visit IRCTC website. Go to the official website of IRCTC- irctc.co.in- to check the status of your refund process.
  2. Login to the IRCTC website. On the IRCTC homepage, click on ‘LOGIN’ which is written red color.
  3. My Transaction. Once you logged in, click on ‘My Transaction’ under the ‘My Account’ tab.
  4. Ticket Refund History.

Does IRCTC refund money?

If the train is marked as “CANCELLED” in PRS due to breaches, floods, accidents etc. full refund is permissible in case the ticket is cancelled within three days of the scheduled departure of the train. In case of e-tickets, such cancellations can be done by the customer through Internet.

How can I check IRCTC refund?

How I will get refund if train is Cancelled?

If your train is cancelled due to accidents, breaches or floods and any other reason, you will be refunded the full fare paid by you. To claim this refund, you should surrender your ticket within three days of the scheduled de-parture of the train.

Where can I complain about IRCTC refund?

IRCTC Customer Care Number for e-Ticketing Issues

Customer Care Number 0755-6610661, 0755-4090600
Navigate to a Human Press 1 or 2, then 9
Average Wait Time Less than a minute
Customer Service Email [email protected]
For Cancellation & Refund [email protected]

Why are tickets not booked?

When payment is settled but ticket not booked This case occurs when passenger opted for particular berth at the time of booking and ticket is not booked due to unavailability of berth. Network failure can also be a reason. In such a scenario, the amount is credited back on the next day to the respective bank.

How can I check my TDR status?

IRCTC in a recent tweet, shared the link of the website where one can check the refund status of ticket for which TDR was filed. This new facility shows the status of refunds for tickets bought online or at ticket counters. The Passenger Name Record (PNR) numbers need to be keyed in to know the refund status.

How can I get instant refund from IRCTC?

IRCTC has released a stunning new feature called ‘IRCTC iPay’ that allows users of the IRCTC Website / Mobile App to get a quick refund. IRCTC has added the ‘AutoPay’ capability to its ‘i-Pay’ payment gateway.

How long does it take to get money back from IRCTC?

Money is automatically credited back to account. Mostly within 2 or 3 days the refund is done. ✅ Ticket did’t booked but money got deducted, but after 1 week, refund is not credited to account automatically, what should I do? Write your refund request to [email protected]

Why does IRCTC tickets booking failure occur?

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