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How many newspapers are there in Mumbai?

How many newspapers are there in Mumbai?

The following 32 newspapers in Mumbai contribute to a substantial circulation of 6456117 each day.

Which is India’s national newspaper?


Name Language of publication Format
The Hitavada English
The Hindu English Broadsheet
Hindustan Times English Broadsheet
The Indian Express English Broadsheet

Which is the oldest newspaper of India list all major newspapers of India?

The first newspaper in India was published on January 29, 1780, by James Augustus Hicky under the British Raj and its name was ‘The Bengal Gazette. ‘ It was also called as ‘Calcutta General Advertiser’ and people remember it as ‘Hicky’s Gazette. ‘

How many daily national newspapers are there?

1,279 daily newspapers
According to the most recently available data, there were 1,279 daily newspapers in the United States in 2018. The number of daily newspapers in the U.S. has been on the decline since 1970, when there were 1,748 daily news publications in the country.

Which is oldest newspaper in India?

Mumbai Samachar
Mumbai Samachar, India’s oldest newspaper at 200 years, going strong.

Which is the oldest newspaper of India?

Which is Asia’s oldest newspaper?

The Bombay Samachar
The Bombay Samachar, Asia’s oldest continuously published newspaper, was first published on the first of July 1822 and comprised three small quarto sheets. 10 inches by 8 inches, and a half sheet supplement in all containing 14 pages of printed matter.

What is the biggest newspaper company?

Gannett/Gatehouse is the leading newspaper company in the United States based on circulation, with a circulation of over 8.59 million in 2020.

How many US newspapers are there in 2020?

1,260 daily newspapers
Across the United States, there were 1,260 daily newspapers in 2020, a 1.5% decrease from 2018.

Which is India’s most read newspaper?


1. Dainik Jagran Hindi
2. Hindustan Hindi
3. Dainik Bhaskar Hindi
4. Malayala Manorama Malayalam

Which is the best newspaper in Mumbai for advertising?

Mumbai Mirror Newspaper. Mirror. An addition to the Times of India group is Mumbai Mirror which is among the leading English tabloids of the city with a daily circulation of about 6.02 lakh copies. It can be considered to be a very suitable option for retail as well as matrimonial and Business advertising.

How many daily newspapers are there in India?

, there were over 100,000 publications registered with the Registrar of Newspapers for India. India has the second-largest newspaper market in the world, with daily newspapers reporting a combined circulation of over 240 million copies as of 2018 .

Which is the ninth largest selling newspaper in Mumbai?

Maharashtra Times is the ninth largest selling daily regional newspaper in the country. It is a Marathi newspaper based in Mumbai and is the sister publication of Times of India. It enjoys the second largest readership in Mumbai among Marathi newspapers, only next to Lokmat and has a daily circulation of 10 lakhs.

Which is the largest read Hindi newspaper in India?

Navbharat Times is one of the largest read Hindi newspapers of Delhi, Mumbai and Lucknow. Though this publication has joined the race of leading newspapers in Mumbai, it has established a strong foot hold for itself.