How many wards are there in Enfield?

How many wards are there in Enfield?

For elections to the London Borough of Enfield, the borough is divided into 21 electoral wards, with three councillors elected for each.

What wards are in Enfield?

Wards in the Enfield, Southgate Constituency

  • Bowes. Cockfosters. Grange.
  • Palmers Green. Southgate.
  • Southgate Green. Winchmore Hill.

Is Enfield in London or Essex?

The London Borough of Enfield is London’s most northern borough. It borders the London Boroughs of Barnet, Haringey and Waltham Forest, and also Hertfordshire and Epping Forest in Essex.

What towns are in Enfield?

It comprises such areas and historic towns as (from north to south) Botany Bay, Clayhill, Bulls Cross, Hadley Wood, Forty Hill, Enfield Wash, Chase Side, Brimsdown, Enfield, Cockfosters (in part), Ponders End, Bush Hill, Southgate (in part), Winchmore Hill, Lower Edmonton, Palmers Green, New Southgate, Upper Edmonton.

What is Enfield famous for?

Enfield Town is home to three English Heritage Blue Plaques, one for the launch of the first ever cashpoint at Barclays Bank, the second at the home of writers Charles and Mary Lamb and the final at the home of Joseph Whittaker of Whittakers Almanac fame.

Who is in charge of Enfield Council?

Enfield London Borough Council
Mayor of Enfield Cllr Sabri Ozaydin, Labour since 1 July 2020
Leader of the Council Cllr Nesil Caliskan, Labour since 16 May 2018
Chief executive Ian Davis since June 2017
Leader of the Opposition Cllr Joanne Laban, Conservative

How many wards are in Haringey?

19 Haringey wards
These ward profiles examine the demographic, social and economic characteristics of the 19 Haringey wards and are based on a range of data sources.

Is Enfield a rich area?

Overview. Enfield is an outer London borough located in the north of London. It sits among boroughs with the highest pay inequality in London, with earners at the 80th percentile making almost three times (2.92) as much an hour as those at the 20th.

Is Enfield rough?

Crime levels in Enfield are around the London average, and it is generally considered to be a safe place to live. Theft is the most common offence in the borough, followed by violent crime, but overall most residents report feeling secure.

Is Haringey a rich area?

Haringey one of the richest areas in the UK …

What Ward is Wood Green in?

Demography. Wood Green does not fit neatly into wards. However, a significant part of the area is contained within the Noel Park and Woodside wards. The population of those wards is given as 28,453 in the 2011 Census.

How many wards does Enfield Borough Council cover?

We are currently a Labour Party controlled local authority with 63 councillors, representing our 21 wards. Our borough is 12 miles from the centre of London and covers an area of 31.7 square miles (82.2 square kilometres, 8219 hectares).

Where do I get my Enfield Council maps?

Maps produced by gi Perspective- GIS Solutions from Lovell Johns Limited, Oxford, England. Click the Info. Buttonand then click on the map to get policy info. at this point Alternatively, get policies that are visible in the current view Please note that only visible layers will be used when querying the policy data.

How big is the city of Enfield Australia?

Servicing an area of about 97 square kilometres, the City of Port Adelaide Enfield offers facilities, services and events for a diverse range of people, including residents, workers and visitors. Need a map?

Why was the electoral map of Enfield redrawn?

The electoral map of Enfield is set to be redrawn, aiming to ensure local politics remains representative as the borough’s population continues to grow.