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How much bigger is Daggerfall than Skyrim?

How much bigger is Daggerfall than Skyrim?

From what I could find, Arena is around 6,000,000km2 , and Daggerfall is 161,600km2 . If you’re curious, according to the wiki, Morrowind is 15.54km2 , Oblivion is 41.44km2 , and Skyrim is 38.33km2 .

Which Elder Scrolls has the biggest map?

Officially speaking, The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall is the biggest Elder Scrolls game. Its size is confirmed at around 161,000 km of procedurally-generated world for the player to explore and find quests within.

Is Daggerfall bigger than eso?

Nonetheless, The Elder Scrolls Online is far, far larger than Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim. Excluding Arena, Daggerfall is the only Elder Scrolls game to blow The Elder Scrolls Online’s size out of the water.

How long does it take to walk across the map in Daggerfall?

More videos on YouTube It took me 61 hours and 54 minutes in 14 parts. Here’s the calculation: 4.06 + 4.02 + 4.06 + 4.14 + 6.02 + 4.01 + 4.03 + 4.02 + 6.04+ 4.03 + 4.01 + 4.02 + 4.05 + 5.03 = 61.54.

What is the biggest map in game?

The Largest Maps in Video Games in 2021!

  • Final Fantasy XV (700 sq miles)
  • The Crew (1,900 sq.
  • Fuel (5,560 sq.
  • Guild Wars Nightfall (15,000 sq.
  • No Man’s Sky.
  • The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall (62,394 sq. miles)
  • Minecraft (1.5 billion sq. miles)
  • Will We See Even Bigger Maps in the Future? Probably.

How big is the Elder Scrolls 2 Daggerfall?

Because of this, it is The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall that is generally accepted to be the largest game in the franchise, with a generated landscape that can grow up 161,600 kilometers squared, which is roughly the size of Tunisia. Other sources put its size at closer to 200,000 kilometers squared.

How big is Daggerfall’s map compared to real world places?

At all. There is an article somewhere, and it’s only due to the fact that Daggerfall’s in-game world, when converted to “real-world” measurement, is the largest game world.

How big is Skyrim compared to Elder Scrolls?

Skyrim, Vvardenfell, Cyrodil, and many other locations are iconic in their topography and size. Size doesn’t grow with each game, however. Some of Bethesda’s older Elder Scrolls games are much larger than their most recent titles. Here are the maps of every Elder Scrolls game ranked by size.

Which is larger Skyrim or Morrowind in kilometers?

Skyrim is much larger than Morrowind, more than doubling that game’s size at 37 kilometers. Some of that space is water and mountains, but nearly all of the landscape has something for players to discover.