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How often does Carlisle flood?

How often does Carlisle flood?

Carlisle has a history of flooding with flood events recorded as far back as the 1700s. In recent years there have been significant floods in 1963, 1968, 1979, 1980, 1984, and recently in 2005. Across the catchment, the January 2005 flooding affected 2,700 homes.

How many times has Cockermouth flooded?

Cockermouth is highly prone to flooding with 15 flood events recorded since detailed records began in 1761. The town, at the confluence of the Rivers Cocker and Derwent, is prone to flooding due to the natural topography of the area. Flooding occurred most recently in 2005, 2008 and 2009.

When did Carlisle flood?

Introduction. Carlisle has a history of flooding with large scale flood events occurring in 1968, 2005 and 2015 flooding both homes, businesses and impacting the wider community. Following the 2005 flooding, the Environment Agency built a new Flood Risk Management Scheme on the Rivers Eden, Petteril and Caldew.

What date did the Cumbrian flood take place?

On Friday 4th December 2015 weather warnings were issued across the North West as Storm Desmond threatened strong winds and heavy rain. On Friday night heavy rain continued and by Saturday morning there were 23 flood warnings and 21 flood alerts across Cumbria issued by the Environment Agency.

Why did Carlisle flood in 2005?

Heavy rainfall on Friday 7 January led to flooding in Carlisle on Saturday 8th January 2005. The rainfall was prolonged over the high ground of the nearby Lake District and Pennines, draining into the River Eden on which Carlisle is situated. This was the worst flood to affect Carlisle since 1822.

Why is Carlisle flooding more?

The flood risk results from a combination of both river catchments and two watercourses: The River Eden catchment is predominantly rural, covering an area of 2,400 square kilometres. The River Petteril is one of its major tributaries. the River Petteril catchment is urban and covers an area of 164 square kilometres.

What’s Cockermouth famous for?

Cockermouth is famous for its association with various historical people – notably the poet William Wordsworth and the mutineer Fletcher Christian, both of whom were born in or near the town.

Where was the Cockermouth flood?

On the afternoon of November 19 2009 both the Rivers Derwent and Cocker swept through thousands of homes and businesses in the town centre of Cockermouth.

Is Carlisle in danger of flooding?

More than 3000 residential and commercial properties are at a 1% annual risk of flooding from rivers within the Eden catchment. The flood risk area includes the A69 Warwick Road, a major highway link to the M6. A 1% (100 year) annual probability event would lead to a depth of flooding up to 3.5 metres in Carlisle.

Where was the Cocker mouth flood?

How much rainfall fell in 24 hours which led to the Cumbrian floods?

In December 2015, Storm Desmond set a new record, with 341.4 millimetres of rain falling over a 24-hour period. This led to the flooding of Cumbria and in particular, the town of Cockermouth – despite the construction of a self-closing flood barrier in 2013.

When was the last time Carlisle was flooded?

RESIDENTS devastated by flooding in 2015 are demanding answers from the Environment Agency about what is being done to protect their homes in the future. More than 20 houses in Etterby Terrace and Eden Place, Carlisle, were ruined in the floods when Storm Desmond battered the county.