How tall is the mast on a Catalina 30 sailboat?

How tall is the mast on a Catalina 30 sailboat?

Wing Keel 3′ 10″
Shoal 4′ 5″
Fin Keel 5′ 3″
Mast height from Waterline Std 45′ 11″ Tall 47″ 11″

What is the beam of a Catalina 30 sailboat?

Catalina 30

Construction Fiberglass
LOA 29.92 ft (9.12 m)
LWL 25.00 ft (7.62 m)
Beam 10.83 ft (3.30 m)

Are Catalina 30 a Blue Water Boat?

Registered. I agree with everyone that a Catalina 30 was never intended, by it’s designers, to be a blue water warrior. They are great boats for bay and coastal cruising and great boats for hanging out in the slip. If you are going to circumnavigate, get the right boat.

Are Catalina 30 a Blue Water boat?

Can a Catalina 30 a Blue Water boat?

There are berths for seven, including the unique large aft double berth. Beneath all seats and berths are easily accessible compartments for larger gear and supplies. Page 3. U or many the ownership of the Catalina 30 represents the culmination of a dream to possess a comfortable, able, blue water cruising yacht.

When did the first Catalina 30 sailboat come out?

During the long production run of this basic model there were a great number of variations with standard and tall rig configurations, each with a bowsprit option, and also including shoal, wing and deep fin keels. A MK II version began around hull# 3300 (1986). (T-shaped cockpit is the most notable change)

How tall are the sails on a Catalina?

Note – “P” measurement, Lower band is minimum 2′ 9″ above cabin top. Pole lengths are measured between outer faces of both jaws. Only one each of these sails may be aboard during sanctioned racing. Maximum main luff and foot measurements are same as “P” and “E” above.

What kind of engine does a Catalina sailboat have?

(T-shaped cockpit is the most notable change) The Mark III (1994) (walk-thru transom with boarding/swim platform standard though offered as an option on earlier models.) The early Yanmar, Universal 5411 and Atomic-4 engines were phased out in favor of the 3-cylinder Universal M-25 diesels during the middle 80s.