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How to create a legend in root tlegend?

How to create a legend in root tlegend?

ROOT: TLegend Class Reference. This class displays a legend box ( TPaveText) containing several legend entries. Each legend entry is made of a reference to a ROOT object, a text label and an option specifying which graphical attributes (marker/line/fill) should be displayed. The following example shows how to create a legend.

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How can I change the default value of tlegend?

The default value of some TLegend attributes can be changed using gStyle. The default settings are: SetLegendTextSize (0.); The global attributes change the default values for the next created legends. Text attributes can be also changed individually on each legend entry: Set the text color.

Is there any way to change color of lines on legend?

Is there any way to change the color of lines in the legend AFTER plotting the graph (like using Edit\\axes properties)? Sign in to answer this question. Sign in to answer this question.

How to change the text alignment in tlegend?

TLegend inherits from TAttText therefore changing any text attributes (text alignment, font, color…) on a legend will changed the text attributes on each line. In particular it can be interesting to change the text alignement that way. In order to have a base-line vertical alignment instead of a centered one simply do: