How wide are P shaped baths?

How wide are P shaped baths?

800 – 850mm
No p shape baths come in a range of different lengths and widths. Ranging from 1500mm – 1700mm in length and 800 – 850mm in width.

Why are baths P shaped?

L or P shaped baths are the solution to a roomier showering experience, without installing a standalone shower. They’re designed to be sleek and compact and accommodate more room for showering. They’re ideal for homeowners, who want a spacious showering experience but don’t have the room for a standalone shower.

What is the difference between P and B shaped baths?

You’re likely wondering what the difference is between b and p shaped baths. Simply put, they are the same thing and the letter refers to the position of the wider showering area. A ‘b’ shaped bath will feature its showering area to the left, whereas a ‘p’ shaped bath will feature its wider area to the right.

Are L shaped baths any good?

L shaped baths L shape shower baths are ideal for a compact yet modern style bathroom. With its clean lines and defined area, its is ideal for all contemporary bathrooms. This style of bath works perfectly with combination furniture and wall hung furniture to help keep the square and neat aesthetic.

How wide is an L shaped bath?

Length: 1698 mm. Width : 850 mm (widest point) Baseboard thickness: 18 mm….Specifications.

Type Shower Bath
Length 1695 mm
Width 850 mm
Panel Included Yes – Side Panel
Material Acrylic

What is AP shaped bath?

P Shaped Bathtubs are quite obviously named in accordance with their shape; curved and rounded at one end, these tubs are more spacious on one side primarily to allow for a more spacious showering experience for those owners who wish to install a shower fixed above the tub.

What is a pea bath?

The P shape often spelt as a Pea shape shower bath has a 900 curved shower standing area. The width is 1000mm which gives an amazing bathing area but still has the shower screen which gives you the corner shower bath that everyone craves.

What is a Showerbath?

Noun. 1. shower bath – booth for washing yourself, usually in a bathroom. shower stall. bathroom, bath – a room (as in a residence) containing a bathtub or shower and usually a washbasin and toilet.

What is the best shaped bath?

Bateau Baths The ‘boat’ bath, so named because of its symmetrical sloping sides, was made popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. Its steep, high sides make this is the perfect shape of bath for sitting up comfortably in, with a good book, glass of wine or whatever you fancy, really!

What are L shaped baths for?

Shop now our impressive range of l shaped baths. A highly functional option, l shaped shower baths combine both a bathtub and a shower enclosure into a single attractive unit. This will allow you to experience the best of both worlds without cramming a separate shower enclosure into a smaller bathroom.

Do corner tubs save space?

Regardless of the size of your bathroom and its contents, corner bathtubs can easily optimize your floor space and squeeze into any corner. They are designed in such a way so as to fill up any underutilized space in your bathroom, as they do not require any long walls along the edges.

Do corner baths save space?

Space-Savers A highly functional choice, Corner Baths are an ideal space saving option and can add a touch of class to any bathroom.