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Is ATR 72 a good aircraft?

Is ATR 72 a good aircraft?

With its lighter structure, optimised speed and an engine designed for short sectors, the ATR 72-600 is, by far, the most fuel efficient regional aircraft. ATR’s fuel burn advantage drives lower costs and emissions and makes it the optimal aircraft for regional markets.

What is the range of ATR 72-600?

949.4 mi
ATR 72–600/Range

How many seats does an ATR 72 have?

ATR 72/Number of seats

What is the cost of an ATR 72-600?

Average Prices

Purchase New 26 Million 25 Million
Purchase Used
Charter Rate 18,550 USD/hour 17,450 EUR/hour

What does ATR stand for?


Acronym Definition
ATR Americans for Tax Reform
ATR Average True Range (financial indicator)
ATR At the Races
ATR Automatic Target Recognition

What does ATR aircraft stand for?

Avions de transport régional
ATR (Aerei da Trasporto Regionale or Avions de transport régional; Regional Transport Airplanes in English) is a Franco-Italian aircraft manufacturer headquartered on the grounds of Toulouse Blagnac International Airport in Blagnac, France.

What is the difference between ATR 72 500 and 600?

Very minor changes are present between the two airplane types (even the engine remains unchanged), and the largest difference lies in cockpit, which is all glass on the ATR 72-600, as opposed to a mix of mechanical and electronic displays on the -500.

Which is better turboprop or jet?

A turboprop engine is more lightweight than a jet, giving it better performance during takeoff. It runs more efficiently while providing a higher power output per unit of weight than a jet. Expect optimum fuel efficiency when flying at low altitudes (ideally below 25,000 feet).

Is ATR plane safe?

The ATR 72 worldwide does not have a great safety record, the recent Transasia crashes being examples. However, Jet Airways overall safety record is very good, so I would not worry. The probability of a plane crash (even on an ATR 72) is significantly less than a road accident on the streets of Calcutta.

What is ATR in meeting?

The Action Taken Report (ATR) is compiled after a few days from the date of the meeting. It states the various actions based on the discussions in the meeting. It is usually submitted after a gap of around 5-7 days after the meeting is over.

Which is better ATR or a320?

The fuel economy per seat of both aircraft are almost the same, but at full load (180 passengers in A320neo vs 78 in ATR 72-600) an A320neo will be marginally more fuel-efficient. However, if the load is lesser, an ATR 72-600 will become much more efficient.

What is a high ATR?

High ATR values usually result from a sharp advance or decline and are unlikely to be sustained for extended periods. A low ATR value indicates a series of periods with small ranges (quiet days). These low ATR values are found during extended sideways price action, thus the lower volatility.

Who is the manufacturer of the ATR 72-600?

ATR 72-600 Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price – ATR 72-600 is a medium sized twin turboprop passenger aircraft manufactured by Avions de Transport Regional (ATR), with its headquarters in Toulouse. ATR is a joint venture between Aérospatiale and Finmeccanica / Alenia Aeronautica.

Which is better the ATR 72-600 or a regional jet?

The ATR 72-600 is the benchmark aircraft in the regional market with unbeatable economics. Operating costs on competing turboprop aircraft are 20% higher than ATR while regional jets are at least 40% higher.

Where is the cargo area on an ATR 72-600?

The 5.8 m front freight area is located between the flight deck as well as the passenger cabin as well as the 4.8 m rear area is behind the guest cabin. The maximum lots is 7,450 kg. The ATR 72-600 cabin is equipped with a fast adjustment kit to turn traveler aircraft into cargo aircraft.

What kind of tires does the ATR 72-600 have?

The ATR 72-600 touchdown gear is a hydraulic retracting tricycle kind, with Messier landing wheels, Dunlop wheels as well as brakes, Hydro-Aire Crane anti-skid control and Michelin tires. Goodyear tires are optionally installed for operation on unpaved runways.