Is Bad Juju good 2021?

Is Bad Juju good 2021?

Bad Juju was a fan-favourite in Destiny 1, and it’s arguably just as good in Destiny 2. Its exotic perk, String of Curses, means that kills refill the magazine, increase damage, and boost Super energy based on the number of stacked curses.

Is the bad juju good 2020?

Bad Juju is an exotic pulse rifle that was added to the game in Season of Opulence and remains to be one of the best pulse rifles in the game. Now is a great time to get this weapon as it’s set on the Leviathan and is headed into the Destiny Content Vault when Beyond Light comes out in November.

Is Crimson still good Destiny 2 2021?

Crimson. If PVP is your thing, Crimson might be your weapon of choice. If you ignore PVE play, it’s more popular of a choice than Ace of Spades and for good reason. The burst fire is excellent and can help secure kills and remain accurate while raining down rapid fire at medium range.

Is Bad Juju better than vigilance wing?

The first weapon Bad Juju has to compete with is Vigilance Wing, which fires a five round burst and has a chance to boost healing and movement if someone nearby to you dies. Between the two I would say that Bad Juju is better, based on the fact that its Exotic perk is better at keeping you moving in all areas.

Is the catalyst for Bad Juju worth it?

When the Catalyst is thrown into the mix then the Bad Juju becomes even more of a destructive and capable weapon. It may not overthrow Outbreak Perfected anytime soon, but it is a solid weapon for any player’s arsenal and well worth the effort of getting the Bad Juju Catalyst.

What is a Bad Juju?

A superstitious belief in the karmic consequences of an action or behavior, usually negative in connotation. That’s some bad juju. noun.

Can you still get the catalyst for Bad Juju?

The Bad Juju Catalyst is really simple to obtain but will be quite the grind. For players to obtain the Catalyst they need to get 700 combatant kills in Strikes, Crucible, or Gambit. Once the 700th combatant is killed the Bad Juju Catalyst will drop.

Can you still get the bad juju?

Similar to other Year 2 Exotics, Bad Juju is not time-gated, and can be acquired as soon as it’s released – provided you unlock enough Tributes in the Tribute Hall that is.

Where do you get Bad Juju in Destiny?

Bad Juju is an Exotic Pulse rifle obtainable in Destiny. It can be obtained by completing all the stages of the Toland’s Legacy Exotic Weapon Bounty. Bad Juju’s special ability is that kills will rapidly increase both damage and grant super energy. Bad Juju is available in The Taken King.

Where to get Bad Juju in year 1?

Bad Juju is an exotic pulse rifle. In Year 1, it could only be acquired by completing the exotic weapon bounty Toland’s Legacy. It is currently only obtainable from legacy engrams .

Is the Bad Juju weapon a good weapon?

As great as this weapon sounds as great on paper. Without the catalsyt, its still pretty mediocre simply because of masterwork orbs and wendigo. Not terrible just not very strong in current meta, being considered one of the weakest archetypes, lightweight frame pulse rifles need a damage buff.

Who is Dante in Bad Juju Destiny 2?

Hello again, my trenchant Dante. You have stepped in and out of sharp-edged worlds, hewn gods into blunt fractions, twinned yourself with powers whose names cannot even be held in the language of little gray cells. You think yourself very high up on the pyramid of contumely.