Is Jaden Smith in Whip My Hair?

Is Jaden Smith in Whip My Hair?

The video premiered on October 18, 2010, with Vevo hosting its online premiere, and the song featured during Smith’s appearance on 106 & Park.

Did Willow Smith hate whip my hair?

‘ Now, she embraces the song. “For so long, I wanted to condemn that time of my life and forget it, just kind of push it under the rug,” said Smith. “I really regretted it.”

Who made I whip my hair back and forth?

Monica Meis
I Whip My Hair Back and Forth/Artists

How much did Willow make from whip my hair?

Jay-Z’s Roc Nation artist, slash daughter of Will Smith, Willow Smith reportedly made around $4 million dollars for his 2010 radio hit, “Whip My Hair.” According to multiple reports, Willow Smith landed on People Magazine’s ‘Richest Teens’ list.

Does Will Smith have a daughter?

Willow Smith
Will Smith/Daughters
Willow Smith, the daughter of actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, opened up to her mother and grandmother about living a polyamorous lifestyle.

How many views did whip my hair get?

“Whip My Hair” has an impressive 230+ million views on YouTube and is Willow’s most popular to-date on Spotify with over 22 million spins.

Does Willow Smith like her dad?

“I definitely had to forgive you [Jada] and daddy for that whole ‘Whip My Hair’ thing,” Willow told her mother on the series, according to Insider. “It was mostly daddy because he was so harsh at certain times.” Willow went on to say that her dad wanted her to finish her album, but she wasn’t interested.

Who sing I whip my hair?

Whip My Hair/Artists

How old is Willow Smith Whip My Hair?

Willow Smith Shaves Her Head During Punk Performance of ‘Whip My Hair’ Willow Smith gave fans an epic ending to her latest concert. The 20-year-old singer shaved her head during a performance of her very first song, “Whip My Hair” on Friday.

How does Willow feel about whip my hair?

In a 2018 interview with InStyle, Willow reflected on the iconic moment, describing the choice as an act of rebellion. “I was just over it,” she explained at the time. “The truth of the song is ‘do want you want;’ it doesn’t actually have to do with hair. ‘Whip your hair’ is just a symbol for doing whatever you want.

What did Will Smith’s daughter do?

Will Smith/Daughters

Why did Willow Smith take down whip my hair?