Is Oresama Teacher complete?

Is Oresama Teacher complete?

As of 2020 Oresama Teacher has a total of 29 volumes (in Japanese & English). The series has been completed.

Does Takaomi like Mafuyu?

So far, it is slightly/generally implied he somewhat romantically likes Mafuyu. Takaomi has stated that he fancies Mafuyu thus could not decide whether to drag her into his problems or simply allow her to live a normal life as he did not want to drag her into it any further more than he already had.

Who is the male lead in Oresama teacher?

Mafuyu Kurosaki (黒崎 真冬 Kurosaki Mafuyu) is the main protagonist of the series. She is a member of the Public Morals Club, a student in Class 2-1 of Midorigaoka Academy and the former bancho of East High….

Mafuyu Kurosaki
Height 155 cm (5’1″)
Blood Type O
Hair Color Silver/Blond (former)
Eye Color Purple/Blue/Brown

Who does mafuyu end up with?

Mafuyu confesses his feelings to Uenoyama in chapter 13 and they officially begin dating in chapter 14.

Does Oresama teacher have anime?

It’s pretty baffling that it hasn’t been made yet! We can still hope for an anime because this year, Oresama Teacher will have its 10th Year Anniversary Project starting with the release of fifth drama cd in July.

Does mafuyu have autism?

And, most importantly, he was autistic-coded to the max. Mafuyu immediately sticks out because of his extreme awkwardness during social interactions. With that said, his demeanor and actions don’t suggest shyness so much as a difficulty understanding social cues.

What does Oresama mean?

Oresama. Oresama (おれさま, lit. “Me”) is a Japanese film released in 2004. The movie revolves around the protagonist of the story, Japanese rock musician Miyavi, portraying himself and his adventures when he goes back 20 years in time.

Who is mafuyu boyfriend?

Ritsuka is Mafuyu’s new boyfriend. He is shown to care a lot about Mafuyu and gave Mafuyu a kiss for his efforts after a live performance. The drummer in Ritsuka’s band, Mafuyu is polite towards him as a new person met.