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Is peruse a Contronym?

Is peruse a Contronym?

Peruse can mean “to read something in a relaxed way, or skim” and can also mean “to read something carefully or in detail.” Peruse is thus a contronym because it has multiple definitions that seem contradict each other.

How would you use perusing in a sentence?

Perusing sentence example

  1. He began perusing a fat envelope of Midwest travel information secured for his July Iowa bike tour.
  2. Still, we sometimes found ourselves perusing a report out of pure curiosity.
  3. Evelyn turned to the paintings she’d been perusing .

What is a Peruser?

pe·rused, pe·rus·ing, pe·rus·es. 1. To read or examine, typically with great care. 2. Usage Problem To glance over; skim.

Is for your perusal correct?

perusal Add to list Share. Perusal is the activity of carefully reading, poring over, or studying something with the intent of remembering it. Sometimes the word perusal is used incorrectly, as in, “I’ll make a quick perusal of this document and then we’ll start the meeting.” Don’t do that.

What words are their own antonyms?

Frequently described as “words that are their own opposites,” Janus words are also known as contronyms, antagonyms, or auto-antonyms. These are words that have developed contradictory meanings. Cleave is often cited as the go-to contronym: it can refer to splitting something apart and uniting two things.

Is oversight a contronym?

A contronym is a word that can have two opposite or highly contrasting meanings: for example ‘cleave’ can mean both cut or break, and cling to, while ‘oversight’ can mean both something accidentally omitted and close control.

How do you use peruse in a simple sentence?

Peruse sentence example

  1. Catch your breath, relax and peruse the cafe’s single-estate coffee menu.
  2. I told him I was willing to pay, for his inconvenience, to peruse all the entries he’d received.
  3. Let us now peruse the tarnished pages of history.
  4. Why not peruse our selection of gifts for her.

What is an example of peruse?

To peruse is defined as to read something carefully. An example of peruse is to read through the classified ads in a newspaper.

What is another word for peruse?

In this page you can discover 25 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for peruse, like: examine, investigate, scrutinize, scan, study, analyze, check, look-through, read, inspect and survey.

What does the name perusal mean?

The definition of a perusal is the examination or reading of something paying attention to details. An example of perusal is the reading of help wanted ads in hopes of securing a job. YourDictionary definition and usage example. “Perusal.”.

What is another word for perusal?

Synonyms for perusal. the act of examining carefully. Synonyms. check. checkup. examination. inspection. scrutiny.

What does pursual mean?

Definition of pursual. : the act or an instance of pursuing : pursuit.

What is the opposite of perusal?

Antonyms for perusal include ignorance, neglect, heedlessness, thoughtlessness, inattention, negligence, disregard, neglectfulness, indifference and carelessness