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Is platinum Bubba a top-shelf?

Is platinum Bubba a top-shelf?

Platinum Bubba Kush Experience This herb is a top-shelf choice on the American West Coast. Considered Indica-dominant, this plant features a slow and heavy body experience. This herb may be best-known for its physical effects, but this flower also produces an uplifting and euphoric mental elevation.

Is platinum Bubba indoor or outdoor?

Grow information Platinum Bubba Kush is resistant to pests and problems, making it easy to grow indoors or outdoors. It flowers in about eight weeks, producing an above-average yield of tight, glistening buds. Platinum Bubba Kush is resistant to pests and problems, making it easy to grow indoors or outdoors.

How long does Platinum Kush take to flower?

Platinum OG can be grown either indoors or outdoors requiring Mediterranean climate. The flowering time indoor is 9 weeks with a yield of 200-350 grams/sqm. Flowering outdoors usually is in early to mid October with a yield of 400-500 gm2. It grows to a medium height.

Is Bubba Kush top-shelf?

It’s also considered fairly easy to grow, making it a top cash crop pick. The buds on this strain look similar to those with Kush Mountain heritage. Top-shelf Bubba Kush often contains dashes of purple and sage coloration, along with ample long burnt orange hairs and a heavy coat of crystals.

What is platinum Bubba OG?

aka Platinum Bubba Platinum Bubba Kush, also known as “Platinum Bubba,” is a “platinum” level indica-dominant marijuana strain for those who are looking for strong medicine. Across between Platinum OG Kush and Bubba Kush, this indica finishes flowering in 8 to 9 weeks.

What do platinum Bubba look like?

Platinum Bubba is bright green with a silver layer of trichomes that appears metallic. What effects does Platinum Bubba have? Platinum Bubba strain is uplifting and mellow while relaxation and sedation creep in that can put you to sleep, according to those who have tried it.

What is platinum Bubba Kush good for?

aka Platinum Bubba Best for strong body relaxation, pain relief, sleepiness and appetite stimulation, Pbk is a long-lasting “creeper” that may take a few minutes to kick in, but you won’t miss it once it does.

What does Platinum OG look like?

Looking at Platinum OG, it is clear how it got its name. The vibrant, light green buds are covered in a silver sheen, which looks very much like a thin metal coasting. This coating is the result of the strains high THC content, forming crystals on the surface of the buds.

Is Platinum Kush good?

This phenotype is preferred by many patients due to its uplifting and anxiolytic effects, making Platinum Kush very relaxing and happy indica strain. Platinum Kush is reported to make patients feel relaxation, euphoria, happiness, hunger, and a general uplifting mood.

What is top shelf bud?

“Top shelf” means cannabis flower of the highest quality, so it lives on the highest shelf in the store, with more visibility, rather than hidden below on the low shelf. Top shelf strains are produced by quality growers, with high potency and great flavors and aromas.

Is platinum Bubba a good strain?

What is the difference between Bubba Kush and platinum Bubba Kush?

Looks: Platinum Bubba almost looks like a wider version of regular Bubba, but those brighter, fluffier buds and frosty artichoke sugar leaves are what give the strain a visibly platinum status.