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Is there a market for second hand Lladro?

Is there a market for second hand Lladro?

Lladró Figurine Auction Selling Prices With so many Lladró figurines on the secondary market, you may ask yourself “Do Lladró figurines appreciate in value?” The answer is an emphatic “Yes!” Rare figurines, along with large and/or elaborate pieces, have sold for $2,000 to $25,000 or more.

What are the rarest Lladro?

Here are five of the most expensive Lladro figurines ever sold:

  1. A Grand Adventure – $64,350.
  2. 18th Century Coach – $57,200.
  3. Cinderella’s Arrival – $57,200.
  4. Flamenco Flair Woman – $7,720.
  5. The Fox Hunt – $6,500.

How do you identify a Lladro figurine?

First, look at the bottom of the figurine. The porcelain should also be engraved with a logotype that looks similar to a blue bell or tulip, the name Lladro and will say “Made in Spain.” The logotypes have changed over the years but every example can be found on the official Lladro site (see Additional Resources).

What is the best way to sell Lladro?

Use an online auction website. The most common way to sell individual Lladro pieces is through online auctions. You can either go through a large auction website, like eBay, or look for one that specializes in Lladro and other porcelain figures. For best results, set a reserve price when you list an item.

What’s the difference between Lladro and Nao?

NAO is a brand of the Lladró group, whose pieces are distinguished by the simplicity of their forms, lighthearted subject matters and colorful presentations.

How much can I sell my Lladro for?

The smaller, more common Lladro pieces can resell for as little as $15 to $20 (example: single geese), while on average the more common Lladro usually resell for $75 to $150. The extremely large Lladro can resell for $2,000 to $25,000.

How much is Lladro clown worth?

Search Results For: Circus and Clowns Lladro

Item # Name Price
01001027 Clown with Concertina $795.00
01011027 Clown with Concertina $815.00
01011076 Court Jester $1,520.00
01001125 Pelusa $1,275.00

What is similar to Lladro?

Lladró’s top 7 competitors are Royal Doulton, Baccarat, Inc., Lalique North America, Bourjois Usa, Christianware Online Beverly, Waterford Crystal and PRECIOSA.

Are all Lladro figurines marked?

A Lladro figurine can be dated as well as authenticated by the marking or trademark logo on the underside of its base. A figurine lacking one of the following marks is quite likely to be a fake or a forgery. The exception to this rule would be the earliest figurines which were not marked – however these are quite rare.