Should I use Jumbo golf grips?

Should I use Jumbo golf grips?

When a golfer with larger hands uses an oversized golf grip, they will notice improved wrist action, decreased grip pressure, relief of pain, and potentially some better ball trajectory as well. Certainly, these are all benefits that any golfer could get used to.

Are Jumbo golf grips legal?

Absolutely! The USGA has ruled that our oversized grips conform to USGA rules for golf equipment and are 100% legal in all tournaments, long drive, and sanctioned events.

What is the difference between oversize and Jumbo golf grips?

One of the trends of modern golf is the proliferation of midsize and jumbo grips, which comprise the oversized category. Midsize generally refers to a grip that is one-sixteenth-inch oversized; jumbo means one-eighth-inch oversized.

What size are jumbo golf grips?


Grip Size Hand Measurement Glove Size
Junior/Undersize < 7 inches Small
Standard 7 to 8 ¾ inches Medium / Large
Midsize 8 ¼ to 9 ¼ inches Large
Oversize/Jumbo > 9 ¼ inches Extra Large

Do any pros use oversize grips?

While most pros aren’t using oversize grips on their other clubs, they can help amateurs reduce grip pressure during the full swing.

What happens if golf grips are too big?

If your grip is too big, you can expect errant shots. Wishon explains that an overly large grip adversely changes the angle of your wrist on the downswing. This can prevent you from rotating the clubface quickly enough to square it up to the ball at the point of impact. Fades and slices are a likely consequence.

Do any golf pros use 10 finger grip?

Scott Piercy is one of a handful of players on the PGA Tour with a 10-finger grip. In fact, since Bob Estes went to something else a few years back, Piercy is the only guy that I know of who still uses it. Most players either use an interlock grip or the overlap grip.

What happens if your golf grips are too big?

What size grips does Tiger Woods use?

Tiger uses the same Scotty Cameron putter he used to claim the first 14 of his major championships. Woods uses a Ping PP58 grip on his putter, the same putter grip he used as a junior golfer.

What size grip do most pros use?

The most popular size is the standard grip, for players whose hand measures 7 inches to 8 3/4 inches from the wrist crease to the tip of the middle finger.

Do pro golfers use oversize grips?

What are the benefits of Jumbo Max Golf Grips?

Jumbo Max Golf Grips are oversize Grips that are by far the best thing since sliced bread in the Golf World. In head-to-head testing by both Golf Etc. of America, and GolfTest USA, Test results showed that golfers increased their driver carry distance by an average of nine meters, they reduced slice spin, and also increased ball speed.

Are there any new grips for golf clubs?

Golfers are always on the lookout for the best new golf clubs. But when it comes to golf grips, most golfers are still using the grips they played 5, 10, or even 15 years ago. And that’s because golf grips have remained essentially unchanged over the years. JumboMax grips are different… first and foremost because they’re bigger.

What kind of Golf Grips do Bryson DeChambeau use?

So if you have a 130 mph swing speed like Bryson DeChambeau, a proud user of our grips, our grips will be able to handle that speed and all the bad weather he faces on the PGA Tour. And if you have an issue like arthritis, you’re going to benefit from the increased size and shock-absorption JumboMax grips offer.

What kind of grip do I need for my putter?

Whether you need a grip for your driver, irons or putter, we’ll have a grip in the size and type to cater to your needs. Rubber grips will provide added feel, cord grips are great for extra traction or wet weather and multi-material grips suit all weather conditions. A variety of sizes are available including midsize, oversize, ladies and juniors.