Should wind turbines be installed in Nantucket Sound?

Should wind turbines be installed in Nantucket Sound?

They describe Nantucket Sound as the best available location for the project because of a combination of strong, less turbulent winds, shallow waters, and low wave heights.

Where is the Nantucket Sound?

Nantucket Sound is a roughly 48-km long by 40-km wide semi-enclosed body of water offshore of southeastern Massachusetts. It is bordered by Cape Cod on the north, Nantucket on the southeast, and Martha’s Vineyard on the west.

What happened to the Cape Wind project?

In December 2017, Cape Wind Associates officially announced an end to the development of its proposed offshore wind farm and surrendered its federal lease for 46 square miles in Nantucket Sound — officially putting an end to a 16-year effort to build the controversial project. …

Was Cape Wind ever built?

The tower was constructed in 2002 and still operates today. In November 2004, the Army Corps issued a draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the construction of a wind power facility.

Is there a wind farm in Nantucket Sound?

Cape Wind, located in Nantucket Sound, faltered after a tortuous 16-year regulatory process, but on Tuesday Vineyard Wind received its final approval from the federal government and will become the nation’s first industrial-scale offshore wind farm.

Why did the Cape Wind Project fail?

So why did Cape Wind fail? One of its biggest problems was its location. Critics, who included many local officials, business owners, fishermen, Indian tribes and residents, cited the high cost of offshore wind power, navigational hazards and threats to the environment. But Cape Wind’s location really rankled them.

Can you swim in Nantucket Sound?

Water Temperature: The water temps at these beaches are “swimmable” from June to September, and often reach the mid-70s in July and August. We have a friend who swims in Nantucket Sound from early May to late October.

Are there sharks in Nantucket Sound?

The shark named Andromache was seen in Nantucket Sound near the Monomoy Wildlife Refuge, according to the research group OCEARCH. Andromache, a sub-adult female, is said to be about 10 feet, 8 inches in length. “White shark Andromache is swimming close to shore,” OCEARCH said in a tweet. “Be advised.”

Is Cape Wind dead?

The proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm is no longer. After more than 16 years, tens of millions of dollars spent and seemingly endless, at times deafening, debate, the announcement Friday that Cape Wind is officially dead came quietly by email.

Why did the Cape Wind project fail?

Are there wind turbines in Cape Cod?

The 468MW wind power project located in federal waters off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, on Horseshoe Shoal in Nantucket Sound will feature 130 wind turbines with 3.6MW capacity each. The $2.6bn offshore windfarm is being developed by Massachusetts-based energy company Energy Management Inc.

Will Vineyard wind be visible from Nantucket?

No. The wind turbines will be located in federal waters 15 miles south of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket and over 35 miles from Barnstable’s coastline. On a clear day, the turbines will be marginally visible from the Islands.