What are the features of Sony Xperia E C1604?

What are the features of Sony Xperia E C1604?

On the connectivity front, Sony Xperia E Dual includes 3G, GPS with A-GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi and USB as its features. Compact yet powerful, the Sony Xperia E C1604 smartphone makes a style statement wherever you take it.

How big is the screen on the Sony Xperia 1?

6. 5 inches 4K OLED smartphone with 21: 9 Cinema Wide display. SIM Capability – Number of SIM – Dual SIM hybrid Triple lens camera system with Eye auto focus and up to 10 fps burst shooting with AF/AE tracking for precision focus and exposure

Why does the Sony Xperia 1 have black bars?

You won’t get any black bars on the top or bottom of the display (because of the 21:9 layout) as you’ll only get a full 4k image. No other phone does this and it’s the reason you’ll buy this one. • One other feature of the display is that gaming on this phone is really fun.

How big is the Sony Xperia E dual?

Sony Xperia E dual Released 2013, January. 115.7g, 11mm thickness 0.1% 5,894,299 hits 167 Become a fan 3.5″ 320×480 pixels 3MP 480p 512MB RAM Snapdragon S1 1530mAh Li-Ion

When did the Sony Xperia E full come out?

2012, December. Released 2013, March Disclaimer. We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct. Read more Me too 😉 I keep this phone as my emergency back up end of the world phone for occasions like when I break or loose my main phone and need something to use short term.

Is the Sony Xperia E full a good phone?

It still makes calls and sends texts like any other phone and sometimes it su… been using it since 2013, the battery is rather bad. twice a day charging with heavy use. often lagging. the good things are: music playing cost less battery, even more in airplane mode (about 3-7% in 3 hours listening), the sound though not loud but…