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What cards do you get from Naxxramas?

What cards do you get from Naxxramas?

List of Naxxramas Cards

Name Rarity Class
Anub’ar Ambusher Common Rogue
Dark Cultist Common Priest
Avenge Common Paladin
Zombie Chow Common Neutral

How do you get golden naxxramas cards?

The golden cards are still only available through crafting. However, players won’t have to beat bosses on Heroic mode first. Instead, they just have to acquire the non-golden versions of the cards through Normal mode. This gives them the ability to then craft the golden cards once they have enough arcane dust.

What is Heroic mode Hearthstone?

In Heroic mode, players use their own decks as usual. Access. In each adventure, the Heroic mode of each wing must first be unlocked through completing that wing in Normal mode. Once unlocked, the bosses of that wing can be tackled in Heroic mode in any order.

What cards do you get from Blackrock Mountain?

By defeating these bosses, players can earn 31 new collectible cards, including 5 legendaries, and 18 class cards, and a special card back….Rise of the Dragons

  • Blackwing Technician.
  • Blackwing Corruptor.
  • Dragon Consort.
  • Twilight Whelp.
  • Rend Blackhand.

How do you get the whispers of the Old Gods packs?

Whispers of the Old Gods card packs can be obtained only through real money purchases on the Blizzard Shop. Opening their first Whispers of the Old Gods card pack will award each player with a single non-golden copy of C’Thun, and two non-golden copies of Beckoner of Evil.

How do you become a licensed adventurer?

How to get. Two copies of regular Licensed Adventurer are obtained by unlocking Galakrond’s Awakening’s Chapter 1 of Explorers campaign. Once the regular version has been obtained, both regular and golden versions can be crafted and disenchanted.