What courses does UQ offer?

What courses does UQ offer?

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  • Business, Economics & Law.
  • Engineering, Architecture & Information Technology.
  • Health & Behavioural Sciences.
  • Humanities & Social Sciences.
  • Medicine.
  • Science.
  • Graduate School.

What is a Level 1 course UQ?

Course codes First-year undergraduate students normally only enrol in courses that begin with a ‘1’ – these are at the right level for new students. Postgraduate courses usually begin with a ‘6’, ‘7’ or ‘8’ and programs might offer a mix of different course levels.

What is a course UQ?

A course profile gives you the key information about a course. At UQ, course profiles are also called electronic course profiles (ECPs). Course profiles are available on the Programs and Courses website.

How many courses can you apply for UQ?

Full-time non-award study A full-time study load is usually 3 or more courses per semester. Full-time non-award study meets the requirements to obtain an Australian student visa. You can enrol in: a maximum of 4 courses per semester.

Is 3 courses full time UQ?

At UQ, a standard full-time study load is 8 units (generally 4 courses) per semester. ‘Full-time’ is defined as 75% or more of a standard full-time study load, i.e. 6 units (generally 3 courses) or more per semester . This means most students with a student visa enrol in 8 units per semester.

Can you study at UQ online?

Study online with UQ Take control of your future by completing an online course or degree program. Combining the latest in academic research with the knowledge of industry leaders, our online courses are flexible, affordable and deliver you the relevant skills to excel in your career.

How do I choose a major UQ?

You’ll find your program rules on the Programs and Courses website. To select your major (called a ‘plan’ in mySI-net):…How do I select my major or change my major?

  1. Log in to mySI-net (student login required)..
  2. Select the ‘Enrolments’ tile and then click the ‘Plans’ link.
  3. Select your plan and click ‘Save’.

What does UQ mean?

Acronym Definition
UQ University of Queensland (Australia)
UQ Uncertainty Quantification
UQ Université du Québec (Québec, Canada)
UQ Ultra Quick (flash; nautical navigation)

Can I apply directly to UQ?

You need to apply online directly to UQ. You can complete your application yourself or apply through an approved UQ agent in your country. Applicants from certain countries must apply through an agent – our online application system will let you know if you need to do this. We recommend applying early.

Does UQ accept diploma?

If you are enrolled in an undergraduate degree at UQ, and meet the specific entry requirements for your chosen Diploma, you can apply now through MySI-net.

Is 3 subjects considered full-time?

The place you’re studying at says the total number of credit points for your course is 24 per semester. In this example, you’re studying 3 subjects worth 6 credit points each. Because you’re completing 18 credit points, you’re full time.

How many hours is a course?

Most college and university courses are three semester credit hours (SCH) or 45-48 contact hours, so they usually meet for three hours per week over a 15-week semester.

What are the programs at the University of Queensland?

Programs, majors and courses details for current students at The University of Queensland. skip nav The University of Queensland my.UQ UQ Home Contacts Study Maps News Events Library my.UQ

What kind of degree do you get at UQ?

Studies in Religion Bachelor Honours Western Civilisation Bachelor Honours Advanced Science (Honours) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Bachelor Honours Ancient Greek Bachelor Honours Ancient History Bachelor Honours Ancient History/History

How can I find out what programs I can take at UQ?

Use the search box to find Programs and Courses you can study at UQ. Search by keyword, course code, area of interest, level of study, career. Make sure all words are spelled correctly. Try different or less keywords. Try part of a keyword e.g. Visit How to get help if you can’t find the program or course you are…

What are the IELTS scores for University of Queensland?

IELTS Academic – overall 6.5; reading 6; writing 6; speaking 6; listening 6. For other English Language Proficiency Tests and Scores approved for UQ TOEFL IBT – Overall 87, listening 19, reading 19, writing 21 and speaking 19.