What did Moscoso accomplish?

What did Moscoso accomplish?

While the expedition failed to find the gold and other riches that similar Spanish explorations had encountered in Central and South America, it did make the first major exploration into the interior of the North American continent and provided some of the earliest observations of Native American peoples, including the …

What is an interesting fact about Luis de Moscoso?

A nephew of the noted conquistador Pedro de Alvarado, Moscoso married his first cousin, Leonor de Alvarado, the daughter of Pedro de Alvarado’s brother Juan and the widow of Gil González de Ávila. He had two brothers in the Soto expedition, another Juan de Alvarado and Cristóbal de Mosquera.

When did Moscoso die?

Luis de Moscoso Alvarado/Date of death

What is Hernando de Soto best known for?

Hernando de Soto is most famous for his exploration of North America. He led 600 men on a journey through what is now the southeastern United States. They were the first Europeans to explore most of this region. De Soto was sent by the King of Spain to explore and settle La Florida.

Why did Desoto come to Texas?

Seeking greater glory and riches, de Soto embarked on a major expedition in 1538 to conquer Florida for the Spanish crown. He and his men traveled nearly 4,000 miles throughout the region that would become the southeastern United States in search of riches, fighting off Native American attacks along the way.

How did the Spanish benefit from their exploration of Texas?

The purpose of this mission was to spread Christianity to Native Americans in the area. The mission was a success, and more were promised. Cortés brings gold and silver from Mexico to Spain. Later expeditions to North America fail to bring back gold.

When was Moscoso born?

Luis de Moscoso Alvarado/Date of birth

Where is Moscoso from?

Badajoz, Spain
Luis de Moscoso Alvarado/Place of birth

What country did Moscoso explore for?

Luis de Moscoso Alvarado (1505 – 1551) was a Spanish explorer and conquistador. Luis de Moscoso Alvarado assumed command of Hernando De Soto’s expedition upon the latter’s death….

Luis de Moscoso Alvarado
Born 1505 Badajoz, Spain
Died 1551 Peru
Nationality Spanish
Occupation explorer and conquistador

How long was Hernando de Soto’s voyage?

Hernando de Soto’s expedition of La Florida lasted four years, from 1539-1543. He and his men explored over 4,000 miles of territory within ten modern U.S. states searching for riches and an ideal location to create a Spanish settlement.

What country sponsored Magellan’s trips What shortcut was he trying to find?

What country sponsored Magellan’s trips What shortcut was he trying to find? Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan sets sail from Spain in an effort to find a western sea route to the rich Spice Islands of Indonesia.